Collaboration Solutions to Improve Productivity & User Experience

How to Empower your Businesses and Users

Workplaces in Thailand are changing. Today, there’s a new generation of digital natives who have very different expectations of their workplace experience.

Fujitsu’s workplace solutions enable you to keep pace and evolve your business aligning with the latest innovations in collaboration solutions to ensure your organization does not suffer from a shortage of the key skills the younger workforce brings.

  • In our recent survey, in Thailand 84% of the leaders admitted experiencing skill shortages which they said must be addressed for future business success
    [Source: “Co-creation For Success. Unlocking creativity, knowledge and innovation”]
    New technologies developed based on our unique approach to user experience design can be harnessed to increase productivity, allowing employees to collaborate more effectively without compromising safety or security.

Improve productivity and user experience
Fujitsu can create a human-centric environment based on your needs and incorporating an architecture of innovative tools such as integrated and connected meeting rooms, mobile conferencing and content sharing. The user experience is simplified, streamlined and consistent. The end result is a unified collaboration experience rather than a split one. The user experience can be transformed in your office zone, meeting rooms or entrances.

Of the leaders surveyed, 96% state that “building and maintaining a creative and collaborative culture is key to making a positive impact on society.” [Source: “Co-creation For Success. Unlocking creativity, knowledge and innovation”]

Agile workplace – harnessing the power of collaboration

In today’s digital age, businesses need the agility to be whenever and wherever their customers need access to them. The very essence of agility is centered on pace, productivity, innovation, and flexibility - all of which are now key goals for the majority of organizations.

Businesses are all at different stages in their journey to agility. Those achieving the greatest return are those who work in collaboration with experienced technology partners like Fujitsu.

Why choose Fujitsu’s technology, services and solutions?

Collaboration with the right technology partner can create a more powerful digital transformation program. Our co-creation program has developed out of the decades of experience we have had working with organizations in Japan and around the globe.

How have we helped our customers to solve their workplace challenges

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