PalmSecure™ is the fastest, simplest, most versatile and efficient system available to verify your identity. With the help of a biometric sensor technology, which uses the unique palm vein pattern to perform high-level security authentication of individual persons, the system can make sure that you are the person who you say you are. PalmSecure™ can be used as a highly secure authentication method in several environments.

Why PalmSecure™?

The risks of traditional authentication methods

There exist several different methods of authentication. Traditional methods are for example passwords or smart cards. But what are the problems about these methods?

  • Passwords and PIN codes can be shared or guessed so how can an organization be sure that the person using them is the authorized user?
  • Loss or theft of cards and misplacing or damaging cards causes security risks for the organization that issues the card – as with the correct combination of PIN and card anyone could be granted access to restricted areas or information

What you need to know about passwords

  • Although 74% of people use 6 or more different accounts to log into websites or applications per day, only 41% use 6 or more unique passwords – even 23% use always the same password
  • More than 60% of all users cannot remember all of their passwords
  • 26% have shared their passwords with their spouse, 15% with a friend
  • 52% write their passwords down or safe them in an unsecure document

In contrast to traditional authentication methods, biometric characteristics are unique and fixed to a person

Replacing passwords with PalmSecure™

Using biometric authentication methods instead of passwords is a more convenient and secure way to identify yourself. There exist different biometric systems. Just why should you use PalmSecure™? The answer is easy:

PalmSecure™ is…

  • Easy to use
  • Contact less and hygienic
  • Suitable for public use
  • Embeddable in all kinds of flat products, including laptops copiers, printers, fax machines, access systems, and eventually even mobile phones

PalmSecure™ compared to other biometric authentication methods

PalmSecure Summary

PalmSecure™ is more secure ,user friendly and accurate than other biometrical methods. Besides it’s lower in cost: Using palm vein technology means you can save money on costly password reset requests.

The security effect of PalmSecure™ is much higher than of the other methods. And it’s extremely precise:

  • Palm veins are complex – more than 5 million reference points
  • Palm has thicker veins than fingers – easier to identify
  • Palm veins are not sensitive to external factors, e.g. cold temperature, skin scratches

In contrast to traditional authentication methods, biometric characteristics are unique and fixed to a person

The following table ranks biometric methods on their False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR). These indicators define the security level of a biometric system (FAR) and the usability of a biometric system (FRR).

False Acceptance Rate(FAR) and False Rejection Rate(FRR)
Authentication MethodFAR(%)FPR(%)
Face Recognition≈1.3≈2.6
Voice Pattern≈0.01≈0.3
Finger Vein≈0.0001≈0.01
Fujitsu PalmSecure™≈0.00001≈0.01

In the case of PalmSecure™, the probability of an unauthorized person falsely gaining access (FAR case) is about 0.00001%. And the probability of an authorized person being incorrectly denied access is about 0.01% (valid for 1:1 verification).

How does PalmSecure™ work?

Using near-infrared light, the sensor detects deoxygenated blood returning to the heart through the veins (so-called, live hand detection). This reveals a person’s palm-vein pattern. The pattern is matched against pre-registered patterns on a protected database, or against the pattern contained on a second item such as an ID card.

It accurately identifies an individual using the complex vein pattern in the palm of their hand.

Additional information can be found at our Services site:

How does PalmSecure work

PalmSecure™ in my life

Beyond Windows authentication on all client devices, PalmSecure™ can do more for you. Think about infrastructure access controls, payment identification or authentication in fields like healthcare or public services.

It's not all about security, it's also about convenience.
Thanks to PalmSecure™ as an access control, having your stadium tickets with you is not necessary anymore. Lost smartcards? History! You can carry all of your personal information automatically within your palm veins, e.g. when you're visiting the doctor.

See in which cases PalmSecure™ can simplify your authentication and identification requirements:

IT Authentication

  • PC and server authentication(Windows & Linux)
  • Cloud Service Authentication

Physical Access

  • Office Building
  • Parking Garage
  • Public Events
  • Shared Assets, e.g. car sharing

Identify Oneself

  • Retail and shopping - payment authorization
  • Financial services
  • Airport authentication
  • Medical Services - easy access and hygienic authentication
  • Public services
  • Public events
  • Shared assets, e.g. car sharing

Smart Security Solution for PC

Fujitsu makes our business more secured without making your life more complicated. We not only address operation of individual user terminals, but also provide a consolidated solution for management of user access by IT administrators and implementation of the access policy for confidential information sites and systems.

AuthConductor™ Client

Best in class solution for login security, access management and data protection for your enterprise. Designed to provide a highly accurate and non-intrusive authentication solution. It offers an easy way to verify user identity, ensuring protection of data from unauthorized personnel.

Relieved from having to remember a single password

Secure access to business system by authenticating your fingerprint or palm vein instead of manually entering IDs and passwords.

Seamlessly Interfaces to Single Sign-on software

Adding another level of security in accessing business system and increasing user productivity while reducing costs associated with password rests.

Two modes of operation, Basic and Premium

Basic edition is ideal for small and medium size companies looking to secure information and provide authentication of each employee. Premium edition is intended for large company deployments needing centralized administration and control. Utilizing Microsoft Active Directory as the central repository allows the flexibility to secure store user credentials. AuthConductor™ Client also features an integrated event logging capability, enabling IT staff to produce an audit trail of user operations.

AuthConductor™ Client Editions

Feature AuthConductor™ ClientBasic
Premium for Active Directory
Biometric Pre-boot Authentication
Central Management
Roaming of Biometric Credentials
Single Sign On to web / applications
Support non-Fujitsu Systems