What is Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer

What is Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer

Fujitsu Digital Annealer - solving large-scale combinatorial optimization problems instantly

Unique digital circuit design inspired by quantum phenomena.

Digital Annealer is the world's first quantum-inspired digital technology architecture, capable of performing parallel, real-time optimization calculations at speed, with precision and on a scale classical computing cannot.

It is a ground-breaking solution inspired by the key characteristics of quantum computing - superposition, quantum tunneling, and entanglement to enable the simultaneous evaluation of a staggering number of potential options and the delivery of lightning-fast insights.

Complex large-scale combinatorial problems can be solved in seconds, which means problems that were previously impossible to solve with classical computers or needed to be processed by brute force, can now be solved in near real-time.

The fully connected architecture enables the free exchange of signals across all bits to rapidly solve large-scale problems. Optimum solutions are found in a process to drive out inefficiencies and improve productivity.

Principles of Annealing

How does Digital Annealer Quantum-Inspired technology solve complex problems rapidly?

In quantum mechanics, which inspired Digital Annealer, the phenomenon known as ‘superposition’ refers to the simultaneous existence of two different states, 0 and 1. This phenomenon is the basis of ‘quantum bits’ or qubits, which can dramatically improve calculation speeds. Digital Annealer emulates qubits in a digital circuit.

Among the various quantum computing methods that exist in the market today, Digital Annealer is categorized as an example of an enhanced annealing method, which focuses on solving combinatorial optimization problems and the achievement of successful results with rapid operational capabilities. Unlike classical computers, Digital Annealer does not require programming; instead, simply setting parameters allows calculations to be performed.

Conventional Method:
Put the pieces in order; step back if a failure occurs.
Conventional Method diagram

Shake, and the pieces fall into place.
Annealing diagram

Digital Annealer features and benefits

  • enormous energy savings with small factor systems running at room temperature in comparison to power consumption intensive quantum computers
  • fully coupled 8,192-bit connectivity that allows for large-scale problem solving
  • 64-bit (264) gradations allow high accuracy in expressing combinatorial optimization problems

A key challenge in quantum computing is the requirement to contain the system and keep it free from interference, which can require operation at very low temperatures, close to 0 degrees Kelvin. Digital Annealer does not require such a complex environment. With digital circuits, Digital Annealer operates at room temperature – without specific requirements or complex infrastructure.

Full Connectivity diagram

Fujitsu Digital Annealer Quantum-Inspired services

Digital Annealer employs advanced technology to solve combinatorial optimization problems for businesses in a real-world scenario, today. We offer Digital Annealer over cloud or on-premises as a service supported with technical service.

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Broad Practical Use diagram

Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems

What is Quantum-Inspired Computing?

How is Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired solution able to achieve performance generations ahead?

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