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Business Process Maturity Through Service Oriented Architecture

Fujitsu acts as a "Guide" on the journey to more agile, flexible, lower cost, rapidly created and easily maintained business functions.

The Main Benefit

SOA is important because, when properly implemented, it enables manageable and incremental positive change throughout your organisation. This allows for the utilisation of business processes to be improved, thereby giving you business advantages over your competitors.

What is a Business Process?

All work in organisations is carried out through activities and processes. The processes may be paper based, or supported by advanced computing technologies, but all goods are produced and all services are delivered as a result of business processes.

Yet the majority of organisations:

  • May not understand, or have well documented processes;
  • Do not create, maintain, manage and decommission processes in a systematic way; and
  • Do not measure processes or realise the opportunities and benefits of controlling the processes.

The journey to move an organisation from their current issues with business processes to being able to leverage the processes to a greater advantage is the mission of the Fujitsu Business Process Management service.

What is the Business Challenge?

The challenge is to improve the flexibility and agility of business processes. There seem to be as many definitions for service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as there are Architects. Fujitsu don't intend to add to this list. We would rather focus on, what is the point of SOA and how it can be used to assist our clients.

Introducing the Journey

Fujitsu proposes that your organisation takes a journey which will result in an enhanced ability to manage and realise the benefits of business process management. Like any important journey, there is preparation that needs to be undertaken and hurdles to be identified and avoided to ensure that the risks on the journey are minimised.

Fujitsu represents the journey as a movement along the maturity curve shown below. The further to the right your organisation travels, the greater its ability to manage and gain advantage from the business processes.

Fujitsu Business Process Maturity Curve

Larger View (96 KB)

What is the Maturity Curve?

The business process maturity curve is a graphical representation of the journey. The further up the curve your organisation is, the more mature is your utilisation of business processes. We have split the curve into 9 arcs to give greater clarity into the areas that could be causing the most issues and so may be candidates for rapid improvement.

The journey mentioned in this web page is the movement along this curve. SOA is one of the methods that are used to assist in this journey.

The issue for any organisation is to find a qualified partner that not only has the skills and knowledge to improve their use of business processes and help move along the maturity curve but also a partner that:

  • Is not just trying to sell them its latest set of SOA based tools and products;
  • Has a strong delivery ethic. In other words the architects you talk to at the beginning, stay involved on the journey and are not replaced by more junior staff;
  • Understands that the progression is not just about IT and SOA. The journey is an organisational one and without buy-in at the highest level will fail;
  • Knows that Business Process improvement is evolutionary not revolutionary.
  • Knows that an organisation may not wish to progress all the way along the journey, just as far as is right for them; and
  • Knows how to assist in all phases of the journey, from initial preparation through the journey and beyond into getting the greatest benefit from the results.

What Can Fujitsu Do?

The Fujitsu Business Process Management Service:

  • Fujitsu acts as a "Guide" on the journey to more agile, flexible, loosely coupled, lower cost and rapidly created & maintained business functions;
  • The architecture group that designs the service, delivers the service, removing the disconnect which can hampered success;
  • Using our Enterprise Value Management and Result Chain Analysis© Practices the Client gets to see the relationship between the actions taken on the path and the goals to be attained. Tracking the progress, instead of hoping that an action will lead to a desired outcome;
  • Our service focuses on Business Issue/Risk Mitigation and Business Advantage Leveraging;
  • Our service focuses on use of SOA and other options to increase flexibility and agility whilst reducing the Total Cost of Ownership;
  • Our service is NOT a SOA service it is a service that can leverage SOA to assist in solving business problems and attaining business outcomes;
  • Our service is an “End to End” service that helps the client move on a journey to a structure (business and IT) that is flexible, agile and cost effective;
  • Our service can utilise the Fujitsu Architecture Practice and Consulting Group underpinned by our robust delivery model; and
  • Our service is technology vendor product agnostic.

What are the Benefits?

The major benefits of our service are:

  • Clients reduced Total Cost of Ownership and Time to Market;
  • Business Agility and Flexibility increased;
  • Competitive advantage increased;
  • Clients reduced IT portfolio complexity;
  • Clients can remove and install applications more rapidly;
  • Clients can move in a managed and manageable manner (organic growth); and
  • Help with regulation and compliance issues.

What is the Journey?

Fujitsu treats the movement along the maturity curve as any experienced guide would, whether they are guiding you on a journey through the mountains or along the maturity curve.

  • The Journey starts with a Pre- Qualification. This can be equated to “Do you want to go on the trip? Do you think you need to go on the trip?”
  • The Journey then progresses to the investigation of "Where are you now? Where do you want to go?" Fujitsu finds that a common mistake is that the client has not identified a clear goal, so they don't know if they are progress along the journey correctly and when they have arrived at the goal.
  • The next stage is "How do I get to the goal?" This is where Fujitsu's Results Chain comes into its own. Fujitsu tracks the actions from the starting point to see if you end up at the goal. Often we find that what was previously considered as the journey would end up missing the goal completely or achieve a different goal. Fujitsu also undertakes this process back from the goal to the starting point. The resulting roadmap not only goes to the required goal, but is also easier to trace and get back on track should it take an unexpected detour.
  • Next is the preparation stage, "Are we ready to start the Journey?" Just as you would not take a trip into the mountains without the correct preparation, you need to set the foundations of your journey at the start. Fujitsu knows the hurdles on the journey, and setting the foundations at the beginning allows the risks to be efficiently mitigated. This includes such preparation as suitable and relevant scope, business buy-in, standards and processes. Also the finalised decision on which products will be used to give the client the best possible outcome will be agreed.
  • Now the organisation is ready to "undertake the journey". Just like most journeys this will be taken in stages and at each point Fujitsu will be able to help check against the expected advances in the Results Chain roadmap guiding the client when adjustments are required. The same architects will be used in this stage of the journey as were used in the previous stages. This leads to a greater degree of understanding and realistic delivery expectations. Any changes to the goals are reverse engineered back into the Results Chain and the roadmap adapted.
  • Finally we have the "achievement of the goal". It is possible that the journey will carry on past the goal set at the start. However, we will be able to look back at the journey and the Result Chain and be able to analyse its success. Moving forward to other goals will now be easier as the client has a great level of business process maturity and knows where they are on the maturity curve.

Why Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu understands the reasons for these services is fundamentally to solve business problems, and create business advantages, therefore we involve business and IT throughout the journey, as opposed to seeing the issue as a purely technology based one;
  • Fujitsu does not can get carried away with our own technology. Fujitsu is product agnostic, the product sets that we recommend are identified after we know what the client wants to achieve. In this way the client gets the best fit;
  • The same Fujitsu architects that design the services for our clients are involved in the entire journey and delivery;
  • Fujitsu implements those parts of SOA that make sense for a particular client when they are ready for the transition. These implementations are often small incremental changes that allow for a smooth and manageable movement towards SOA enablement;
  • The Fujitsu Architects have built an industrialised methodology to reduce hurdles and risks in the implementation of the services; and
  • The use of Enterprise Value Management and Result Chain Analysis to confirm and track that the actions being taken will have the desired effect in the real world.

We are a leading service provider of information technology and communications solutions. Throughout Australia and New Zealand we partner with our customers to consult, design, build, operate and support business solutions. From strategic consulting to application and infrastructure solutions and services Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand have earned a reputation as the single supplier of choice for leading corporate and government organisations Fujitsu Australia Limited and Fujitsu New Zealand Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702).

We have a strong local presence in all mainland Australian capital cities and have been bringing together development and support environments for a wide range of technologies, as well as professional expertise covering a broad array of technical competencies for over 20 years.

We are collaborative team players who are flexible and adaptable and can readily fit into any client environment. We work with you, leveraging partnerships with strategic alliances to help tackle your complex business challenges to deliver real business results.

We focus on your outcomes and develop an optimal service delivery model and framework of pre-agreed service levels based on your organisations business and budgetary priorities.

We have a strong track-record in tackling challenges and realisation of tangible and intangible benefits. Many different clients throughout the world have benefited from our techniques to ensure that the desired results are achieved in practice.

Want to know more? - Contact us

Fujitsu would be pleased to talk to you further about how we can work together to improve your organisations business agility and flexibility. Please fill out our Business Process Maturity Curve Online Survey. This will allow us to quickly assess your position on the maturity curve and aspirations.

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