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Business Process as a Service

FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Process Management softwares address all types of processes used to conduct business: structured, unstructured, and hybrid process types used to support all forms of work. The fully featured Interstage Business Process Manager Suite delivers leading functionality to discover, model, execute and analyze key business process flows. Process Analytics Software is the innovative process discovery, analytics and monitoring product to ensure continuous process intelligence and optimization.

In addition, Fujitsu makes available Cloud-based software and professional services related to BPM.

Business Intelligence Managed_Office_lpr

The ability to make fast, reliable decisions based on accurate and usable information is essential to most business enterprises. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions aim at achieving critical business advantage by providing knowledge workers with easy access to the right information, on demand, from wherever it is created and/or maintained within the organisation.

Cloud Computing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Cloud Platfrom

Fujitsu’s TCO analysis embodies our best practice TCO methodology to assist our clients to understand and analyse the costs, efficiencies and economic impacts associated with procuring, using and leveraging Cloud Computing Services over time. Clients who employ TCO eliminate surprises in preparing preliminary case for change or detailed business case justification for Cloud Services.

Business Process Maturity Through Service Oriented Architecture Avamar_on_PRIMERGY_lpr

SOA is important because, when properly implemented, it enables manageable and incremental positive change throughout your organisation. This allows for the utilisation of business processes to be improved, thereby giving you business advantages over your competitors.