Containerise & Modernise

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is an exceptionally reliable and robust relational database, created for organisations that require strong query performance, high availability, and superior security

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is based on the world-renowned open-source system, PostgreSQL, with additional enterprise-grade features for enhanced security and better performance. 100% application compatibility with OSS PostgreSQL

FUJITSU Postgres Enterprise is cross platform and is the only PostgreSQL available as a multi arc Operator Container for a true hybrid cloud database

Built for the enterprise

Our security is included and built from the ground up:
Transparent Data Encryption
Data Masking
Dedicated Audit Log

High-speed data load
In-Memory Columnar Index
Parallel scanning and aggregation

Built for mission-critical data
Disaster Recovery, Mirroring Controller
WAL duplication, Connection Manager

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