Overview of Fujitsu preparedness for COVID-19

Updated as of Thursday 19th March @ 5pm

Business continuity planning measures

To assist in continuing to provide our services and products to our customers, all Fujitsu locations including our Global Delivery organisation have implemented Business Continuity Planning measures as a result of COVID-19. These tested systems and processes allow for extended use of remote working by our personnel and are intended to seek to maintain business as usual for the services and products supplied by Fujitsu to its customers.

Measures to protect our workforce and prevent the spread of the virus

As a responsible employer and contractor, Fujitsu has already implemented steps to seek to protect its personnel from being exposed to the coronavirus. These preventive measures aim to reduce exposure and lower the risk that the virus could be transmitted in the workplace. These measures include:

  • Education – highlighting the hygiene measures that Fujitsu personnel can take to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Implementing extra cleaning regimes in highly-populated office areas, and providing hand sanitizers at multiple locations across Fujitsu locations.
  • All business related international travel is suspended until further notice and domestic travel is minimised to business critical only.
  • Expanding remote working across the business. In the interests of caring for our employees and also mitigating any risks to service delivery by reducing the spread of the virus, we have advised all personnel who can perform their roles remotely to do so in consultation with their manager.
  • Prioritising the use of conferencing technologies to address communications needs.

Specific considerations for data centres

We are also taking additional measures to seek to maintain continuity of services and to protect, so far as reasonably practicable, the safety of our customers and staff at our data centres, including the following:

  • Increased core building cleaning across all data centre sites.
  • Additional measures to promote hygiene including positioning of hand sanitiser at key locations as well as informational posters on the importance of good hygiene.

Fujitsu has a specific Pandemic Plan for our data centres and we have assessed that we are currently in the ‘Level 4 – ‘Contain’ phase of the plan. As per the expectations of this level of the Plan:

  • Fujitsu staff who do not need to access the data centre facilities will be working remotely. Critical maintenance will continue as needed.
  • As Fujitsu data centre staff are cross-trained to operate between data centre sites, the pool of resources can be utilised across sites to maintain coverage if needed.
  • We have imposed restrictions to access to our sites for anyone who has a travel history subject to Fujitsu or government policy, displays any flu-like symptoms, or has had close contact with others who have the virus.
  • We have also postponed activities that are not essential or time-critical, such as tours, meetings and audits.

Should Fujitsu move to level 5 – “Sustain”, additional data centre entry restrictions will be introduced to ensure that only essential staff and service personnel will gain access to the facilities. 

Supply chain considerations

Our Business Continuity Planning includes our global supply chain and we are ready to implement contingency plans where issues with our supply chain caused by the virus impact upon our operations.

As you may expect, we have started to experience delays in isolated areas – so far only related to components from Chinese suppliers. This is having an impact on the supply of certain hardware, in particular Fujitsu notebooks. In this respect, notebooks orders are now being rescheduled. Our supply chain team is working hard to mitigate these challenges and provide further clarity on product availability and lead times.

Our procurement team is working with our third party parts and repair services suppliers to identify any future supply issues and put mitigations in place to minimise impact on our services to our customers. Fujitsu is monitoring our spare parts stock on hand and distribution daily and where appropriate has increased stock on hand to meet extended lead times.

Special considerations for the use of shared equipment

When utilising shared equipment, such as scanners, forklifts and other logistics equipment, personnel have been advised to follow the above advice around hand cleaning and personal hygiene measures prior to and after usage. Managers of areas with such equipment are tasked to ensure that regular cleaning of that equipment occurs. Agile practices of desk sharing have been temporarily suspended to minimise cross contamination. Until further notice we have also discontinued the practice of obtaining customer sign-off on engineers’ phones in order to minimise the transfer of any infection.

Monitoring and response

We have implemented a local working group for the Oceania Region to continue to monitor the situation very carefully and are following the guidelines of the relevant national and international health authorities. Should the situation escalate further, then Fujitsu is prepared to implement additional business continuity measures as appropriate.

We will follow control and response advice from the relevant State Health Authority in the event a case of the virus is confirmed at a Fujitsu workplace. In the event of self-isolation or building quarantine, including by directive from the Health Authority, Fujitsu BCP and technology allows for working from home for the majority of business activity. Alternatives will be implemented for scenarios where remote working is not practical. .

This document will be updated on a regular basis to reflect new developments and additional measures that are put in place. If you have any important questions that are not addressed within this document, please do not hesitate to contact your account representative directly.

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