Reimagining, enhancing and empowering citizens’ lives

Digital solutions for the Public Sector

Public Sector organizations are racing to keep pace with citizens’ expectations in the digital age. Citizens want to interact with government departments quickly, personally, and intuitively – and to know that organizations are working for them with dedication, focus, and efficiency.

Fujitsu works with all levels of government to enhance and empower citizens’ lives in more than 130 countries, fostering the creation of a resilient society. We deliver efficient and reliable solutions – transforming services to make the most of tight government budgets and achieve your vision for the future.

Government Digital Transformation

Key digital technologies like AI, Computer Vision, Digital Twin and Data Analytics can lay the foundation for a better digital future, transforming the relationship between citizen and state.

With end-to-end digitalization of systems and processes, governments can better connect with citizens, meet growing omnichannel service demand, and deliver more effective, accountable, and transparent public services.

Fujitsu is working with governments to modernize citizen services and respond to disasters and disruptions, from earthquakes to pandemics, financial crashes to geopolitical clashes.

Creating a sustainable, prosperous society

Fujitsu has over 50 years of experience working with governments around the globe, including defense and national security agencies that require the highest levels of security and reliability. Blending our expertise as global systems integrator with Fujitsu Uvance, we can help Governments and Public Sector companies to succeed in their Digital Transformation journey, while creating a safer, sustainable and prosperous society for all citizens.

Customer Stories

A city with a body of water

City of Helsinki

Fujitsu serves as a core partner in giving City of Helsinki the solid digital foundations development of new services, to effortlessly anticipate and meet the specific needs of its residents.

Government of Canada

Government of Canada

A large-scale 10-year transformation program - Benefits Delivery Modernization - enables Canada to become more agile in policy implementation and improve its citizens’ experience when accessing these services.

Public sector organization

Public sector organization

An Australian government department now runs ServiceNow in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment, improving the user experience for 18,000+ employees.

Our culture in action

Guided by materiality and taking meaningful steps towards a prosperous and sustainable world, Fujitsu has committed to leading all business decisions to have a positive impact on our planet and society.

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