Always-connected. Fujitsu end-to-end manufacturing supply chain management

The digital supply chain is a critical element of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. By implementing a smart and connected supply chain solution, you can gain a 360-degree view of your entire manufacturing operation from the supply of raw materials right through to warehousing and distribution of the finished product. With end-to-end supply chain intelligence, you are empowered to anticipate disruptions and make immediate adjustments as conditions change. By moving away from reactive problem solving your workers are free to focus on service delivery and customer outcomes.

Digital supply chain benefits include:

  • reduced supply chain complexity
  • improved efficiency
  • cost savings as wastage is detected
  • transparency - faults can be identified and responded to in advance
  • actionable insight into customer behavior and preferences
  • smarter decision making
  • event-driven maintenance for better performance and cost efficiencies
  • better deployment of employees

GlobeRanger RFID and connected assets

Within manufacturing connected intelligence across the entire supply chain is crucial, and with our Fujitsu GlobeRanger suite of tools, we deliver enterprise-wide transparency.


GlobeRanger GR-MAKE - manufacturing, assembly, and Kanban engine

Our GR-MAKE solution, built on the GlobeRanger iMotion platform, provides tools to track, manage and improve processes across the most complex of manufacturing environments. It enables lean manufacturing through effective inventory management from the flow of supplies to tracking and managing equipment on the factory floor. With GR-MAKE you are enabled to quickly build business rules that provide key triggers, alerts and other management information to keep your finger on the pulse of your entire manufacturing operation.

GR-MAKE enables:
  • real-time end-to-end visibility of your entire manufacturing process
  • the timely flow of materials
  • global tracking and management of inventory levels
  • automation of manual processes
Benefits include:
  • reduced manufacturing costs
  • leaner just-in-time inventories
  • fewer manufacturing errors

GlobeRanger GR-AWARE RFID-enabled asset management

Our GR-AWARE solution provides a single, scalable platform for the easy tracking and management of RFID-tagged assets. It can be easily incorporated into existing legacy systems and allows you to create processing rules, trigger alerts and notifications, as well as managing exceptions and generating real-time reports.


GR-AWARE enables:
  • increased asset visibility
  • maintenance of optimum asset stocks
  • reduction in time lost searching for assets
  • automatic identification, monitoring, and tracking of assets
Benefits include:
  • reduced asset ownership costs
  • improved asset utilization
  • productivity and efficiency improvements


GlobeRanger GR-LIVE - logistics and inventory management

Our GR-LIVE solution is an RFID-based logistics supply chain application suite that delivers accountability and end-to-end visibility of inbound and outbound supply chain transactions. It can be easily integrated into existing legacy systems and supports mobile and stationary RFID infrastructure as well as a range of other sensor technologies for receiving, shipping, tracking assets and inventory counts.

GR- LIVE enables:
  • automated asset management
  • real-time asset visibility reporting
  • reduction in manual errors
  • increased supply chain velocity
Benefits include:
  • reduced logistical costs
  • optimal asset utilization
  • efficiency improvements

GlobeRanger iMotion - connecting IoT to enterprise software systems

Our GlobeRanger iMotion platform provides a crucial interface between devices and day-to-day business applications. It incorporates all data gathered and processed from devices into management systems to give a real-time holistic view of business operations. Regardless of manufacturing complexity, it enables the development and deployment of an effective solution.


iMotion enables:
  • effective warehouse management
  • supply chain integration
  • asset tracking
  • asset management
Benefits include:
  • flexibility and scalability
  • easy deployment
  • wide support for networks and devices

Why choose Fujitsu as your smart supply chain solution partner?

With 50 years of experience as a manufacturer, and with world-leading expertise as an IT services and solutions provider, we understand the importance of supply chain visibility and efficiency. We work with you to co-create a solution that delivers enterprise-wide supply chain transparency. We help you to establish a vision for your future supply chain, assess the state of your current supply chain, and work with you to develop a transformation roadmap for your specific manufacturing use case.

We have experience across all technology platforms including both passive and active RFID, Barcode, RTLS, fixed and mobile reader technologies, and extended IoT sensors and devices. With Fujitsu-GlobeRanger we can integrate with back-end and legacy systems including SAP, Oracle, and MSSQL. Our solutions provide:

  • Real-time Work In Process (WIP) alerts to solve problems before they occur.
  • Data automation to remove manual errors from processes.
  • Tool Management to enable workers to focus on their tasks and reduce labor costs searching for lost assets.
  • Smart Inventory Management to supplement current inventory management systems.