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Fujitsu Netherlands Products & Services Customer Stories

Sector-wide IT services and solutions success stories

As an IT services and solutions provider with decades of experience, Fujitsu is well known for creating strong customer partnerships. With a co-creation approach, we work closely with our customers to develop innovative technology and solutions to rapidly and cost effectively solve their business challenges.

Featured Case Study

Co-Creating in Sensing Clinic Program aims for better quality of care.

Slingeland Hospital wanted to understand how best to adopt sensing technology to support its medical staff with real-time information on a patient’s vital signs.

We receive a lot more data about the patient much earlier so medical interventions can shift more towards preventing deterioration and towards accelerating and shortening the treatment.

"With the Sensing Clinic program, we can monitor our patients 24/7, intervene sooner and use our bed capacity and personnel better. That is good news for the patients and for the hospital."

- Chrit van Ewijk, CEO Slingeland Hospital

Municipality of Groningen

Municipality of Groningen and Fujitsu sign six-year contract for outsourcing ICT

Fujitsu more than doubles planned savings for Municipality of Groningen in new 71,9 million euro IT outsourcing deal. Fujitsu intends to employ as many of the current IT employees of Groningen.

Municipality of Almere

Municipality of Almere and Fujitsu renew their contract for workplace services

Fujitsu will be providing virtual workplaces for Almere and ensure that 2,600 employees of the municipality will work in a private hybrid cloud environment that will be accessible anytime and anywhere.


End User Services enables digital workplace environment at Robeco global investment company

Robeco has changed the way its employees work and offers full on-site support focusing on increasing productivity and collaboration.

Municipality of Veenendaal

The City of Veenendaal replaces its aging storage system with two FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 devices, delivering improved performance, disaster recovery and scalability.


How ING and Fujitsu work agile in workplace and infrastructure management

“This is a collaboration that focuses on speed, quality and innovation,” Chris Wauters, Area Lead for ING Digital Workplace Services.


The internet service provider WorldStream and its customers are convinced of PRIMERGY Rack Servers, and benefit from customizing capabilities and lower energy costs

WorldStream turns to FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY rack system units to meet growing server performance, affordability and customizability needs.

Openbaar Ministerie

User-Centric Workplace Services for Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice

“Digital Transformation is all around us, raising customer expectations for our responsiveness and transparency,” Luc Boelhouwer, Openbaar Ministerie.


Workplace services for more than 1,500 RDW-employees

With the win of a four-year contract, Fujitsu enables RDW (Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer) employees to work flexibly, efficiently and user friendly.

Royal IHC

Service desk and onsite support for Royal IHC

Fujitsu wins a five-year contract for outsourcing service desk and workplace services for 2,700 Royal IHC employees.


Fujitsu has developed a solution for LeasePlan through Robotic Process Automation. Whereby a software robot processed a large amount of data in a faster, cheaper and above all, error-free way.

RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam sees optimizing accessibility and sparing the environment more and more as important tasks. In co-creation with Fujitsu, the RAI has looked at practical solutions through data analysis and digital transformation.

Van Oord

Three-year contract with international marine contractor Van Oord to build enhanced security measures into its global business, enabling the company to unlock their potential through compliancy.