Factory transformation that enables greater sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing starts with factory operations

Digitally transform your manufacturing processes to increase operational resilience and agility

Manufacturers are under mounting pressure from customers and stakeholders to develop more sustainable business practices. By digitally transforming and reshaping your factory operations you can reduce waste, cut costs and improve your operational efficiency, product quality and customization in a constantly changing environment.

Enhance your manufacturing processes and unlock new insights to increase output and move towards net-zero.

Enable your makers with digital superpowers for more sustainable factory operations

By embracing smart manufacturing technologies, your factory teams have the superpower to increase operational resilience and agility, becoming better prepared for the future.

Sustainable manufacturing starts with running your business more efficiently and giving your makers the superpowers to make smarter choices in changing conditions.

  • Visibility and transparency to forward-focus decisions, mitigate risk and run predictive maintenance
  • Autonomy to maintain production in a disrupted market, driving revenue and building consumer trust
  • Productivity to deliver results in traditional, remote and hybrid working environments, knowing that data, capital and intellectual property are completely secure
  • Ingenuity to make sustainable improvements like reducing waste and energy consumption, while responding intelligently to customer needs

With the right data insight and smart manufacturing technologies in place, you can increase your manufacturing resilience and agility while progressing towards net-zero targets.

Fujitsu as your sustainable factory transformation partner

We help accelerate sustainability strategies for our manufacturing customers. Our portfolio of data-driven digital solutions helps to:

Connect data and turn it into visible, actionable insight to empower better decision-making

Strengthen operations and accelerate progress towards sustainability goals

Increase production efficiency and reduce waste by preventing issues

Fujitsu manufacturing technology solutions

Data-driven quality control

Data-driven quality control

Transform your quality control processes to become more data-driven. Using Fujitsu Computer Vision you can collect, analyze and feed quality data back to production.

Secure transformation

Secure transformation

Ensure your business-critical connected OT assets are protected from cyber risks with Fujitsu OT cyber security services.

Digitalize your production

Digitalize your production

Build a bridge between OT and IT to fully utilize production data using COLMINA, Fujitsu’s manufacturing DX solution.

Increase your agility

Increase your agility

Reimagine factory operations, reduce risk, increase agility, engage consumers and propel your business forward with Fujitsu and ServiceNow.

Manufacturing Insights

Manufacturing change isn’t a mission - it’s a movement

Manufacturing change isn’t a mission - it’s a movement

Global events have made digital transformation critical to survival. In this blog, Fujitsu experts explain why technology is key to managing change and achieving sustainability in manufacturing.

Explore this Fujitsu sponsored IDC spotlight and learn how you can prime for sustainable growth.

Explore this Fujitsu sponsored IDC spotlight and learn how you can prime for sustainable growth

  • Read expert advice on meeting sustainability goals while overcoming operating challenges in volatile, uncertain, and complex business environments.
  • Find the right formula to balance the need to fix the present with the need to prepare for the future.

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