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Representing Fujitsu’s research activities in India, Fujitsu Research of India’s activities are focused on the creation of cutting-edge technologies, helping to realise Fujitsu’s purpose of making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. We are committed to leading the way towards large-scale societal transformation, developing trusted digital technologies that help realize successful Digital Transformation (DX) strategies.

Established in April 2022, Fujitsu Research of India’s activities are spread between Bengaluru and Hyderabad, employing 20 staffs including highly skilled researchers. Expected to be 50 by end of 2023.

India's digital policies over the past few years are progressing at an unimaginable pace enabling access to large amounts of data and challenging problems that require complex modelling. In India, younger generation are more in the IT field and have grown up in a technology heavy environment that makes them understand technology better than any of the previous generations. By leveraging the power of the India's digital policies and the enthusiasm of the younger generation, we believe that we can promote cutting-edge research and development with a sense of speed that has never been seen before.

Fujitsu Research of India

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Fujitsu Research of India
Private Limited 6th Floor,
Building No.4, 77 Town
Center, No. 36/2 Yamalur
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Airport Road Bangalore
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