Warranty Term & Condition

Warranty Policy

This policy applies to Fujitsu platform products that have been delivered. Below are point of warranty policy:

  • Start warranty period based on delivery order signed date or UAT Date.
    • If based on UAT Date.
    • There are contract agreement and services installation included. The Agreement must be defined before the project.
  • Unless otherwise stated, this warranty covers all defects in materials which occurs within the warranty period
  • All defective parts removed from the product as material of the claim procedure and it will automatically become the property of FUJITSU or its designated authorized service partners.
  • For genuine FUJITSU spare parts used in warranty cases, the time applicable to the warranty is the remainder of the warranty time of the unit under warranty, if these parts are installed on a FUJITSU product.

Warranty Exclusions

The contractually agreed warranty services do not include or void with some reason below : 

  • Customer replace part by their own using non-original Fujitsu spare part
  • All consumable part are not include in warranty service
    i:e : BTU, cable, cartridge, battery, break roller, feed roller, pad assy, ink ribbon, etc.
  • Backup and restore of the operating system, the application software nor the system and user data
  • Reset BIOS or application password
  • Burning due to electric current or water.
  • Broken with human error
  • Force majeure
    i:e : fire, earth quake, flood, war and etc.
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