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In the current conditions, in order to remain competitive, organizations need to make effective use of data and analytics. This will provide actionable insights that deliver better products, improve efficiency, and increase customer engagement.

Many find their current system/solutions unable to deliver for adapting modern capabilities and lack the in-depth skills and experience to deliver an actionable strategy and plan to improve both technical and organizational capabilities.

A Big Data Platform built on an open-source compilation based on the Apache BigTop Stack. This platform can be used to solve encountered problems in data processing, known as 5V, namely:


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Refers to the amount of data generated every second. This means a set of data in a very large number and volume and sometimes unstructured.

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Processing speed where data can be accessed at a very fast rate so that it can be directly used in that moment (more real time).

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The characteristics of the data vary and are not homogeneous, and have a lot of variables and are very diverse covering various types of data, both structured and unstructured data.

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Big data has vulnerabilities in terms of accuracy and validity so it requires depth to analyze data in order to make the right decisions. The character of veracity refers to how accurate and trustworthy the data is.

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It has a very high value if it is processed in an appropriate way or it can also be said how valuable or meaningful a data is.




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