How Business Leaders Can Contribute to the Realization of Sustainable Society?

Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020

While technology advances have improved people’s lives, they have also created new social challenges. Consumers and investors now increasingly expect business organizations to deliver value to society and other stakeholders and not just focus on their bottom line.
Fujitsu conducted among 900 CxOs and decision makers in 9 countries aims to understand the status of digital transformation and their perception of providing value to society. The survey shows how business leaders’ perception has been changing in the context of growing awareness of social issues.

  • Why do business leaders think it is important to deliver value to society?
  • What value can digital transformation deliver to society?

Global Leaders’ Perception of Providing Value to Society

To what extent is delivering value to society is important for business leaders? 92% of the respondents agreed they must provide value to society. The reasons for this include increasing value of products and brand, and appealing to the younger generation.

Companies should not only pursue profit but also deliver value to society to be sustainable.


Reasons companies should not only pursue profit but also deliver value to society (Top3)

Increases the value of products and the brand value of an organization
Appealing to the younger generation who will be future customers
ESG investment is becoming important among investors

On the other hand, it is not easy to implement business initiatives that will deliver value to society. This survey reveals that the main challenges that organizations face are the difficulty in developing a practical project from an idea, and the difficulty in demonstrating a clear return on investment (ROI).

Challenges in implementing a business initiative that will deliver value to society (Top3)

Difficult to develop a practical project from an idea
Return on investment is not clear
Difficult to create an idea

Digital Transformation and Providing Value to Society

What impact does digital transformation have on society? 89% of the respondents said digital transformation has allowed them to contribute positively, not only to businesses but also to society. Digital transformation has enabled one third of organizations to provide better safety for people, improve well-being and contribute to smarter, more sustainable cities.

Deliver value to society through digital transformation


Value delivered through digital transformation(Top3)

Provided greater safety for people
Improved well-being
Contributed to a smart/sustainable city

Analysis of the survey revealed digital transformation plays an important role in providing value to society, as well as helping companies and organizations gain competitive advantage.

To discover more, please see the Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020.

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