Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Login - Active Directory login enhanced with biometric security

PalmSecure, Fujitsu’s contactless palm vein pattern recognition technology, accurately identifies individuals by scanning the complex vein pattern in the palm of their hand. With the addition of ID Login, you can ensure secure login using biometric palm vein authentication via Active Directory. PalmSecure doesn’t replace passwords, instead ID Login enhances password-based login networks with biometric technology to:

  • increase systems security
  • prevent misuse of stolen or unsecured passwords
  • provide biometric user authentication with Active Directory support

How does Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Login work?

PalmSecure ID Login is designed to support data privacy protection and achieve high levels of user convenience. All required data is stored and managed centrally in the Active Directory service. Once enrolled, users can log into the system by providing their username and scanning their palm using any device within the Active Directory environment. PalmSecure ID Login provides:

  • centralized biometric user enrolment
  • administration of palm vein data at Active Directory
  • modification of user data at Active Directory
  • integration into existing Active Directory environments
  • unique application key (optional) for maximum security

Benefits of PalmSecure ID Login

  • cost-effective – savings can be made on costly password reset requests
  • increased user convenience
  • login at active directory to administrate users centrally
  • highly accurate and secure - the technology only works when it detects blood circulation
  • hygienic and easy to use
  • fast enrolment and verification process

Further information

ID Login whitepaper

ID Login whitepaper
Download white paper PDF »

ID Login Datasheet

ID Login Datasheet
Download datasheet PDF »

ID Login brochure

ID Login brochure
Download datasheet PDF »
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