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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on Fujitsu Shared Cloud Platform

Rapid deployment of your virtual data center in a reliable and resilient Enterprise Cloud Environment

You have a business to run and a hugely complex infrastructure to manage. A partner who is ready to make cloud work effectively for you will be crucial. This is where Fujitsu Cloud excels. Our holistic approach can help your business embark on a cloud journey that leads to real business benefits.

An end-to-end Cloud Enabler

As a top 5 global IT services provider, Fujitsu provides an agile offering as an integral part of our Cloud portfolio. Our bespoke cloud solutions enables a one-stop shop approach that supports every step of your transformation process from “diagnose, counsel, plan, build, manage to maintain”, ensuring your business needs are fully addressed.

Industry recognized IT Service Management

Locally in Hong Kong, Fujitsu adopts industry standard and principles in IT Service Management, with a set of protocols, processes and best practices to achieving effectiveness and efficiency in the use of information systems.

Comprehensive and holistic ICT technology stacks


Take advantage of the most comprehensive end-to-end cloud portfolio in the industry, Fujitsu IaaS on Shared Cloud Platform simplifies complexities in troubleshooting and shorten resolution times. Fujitsu has a strong heritage in customizing solutions for customers around the world. All offerings are proven globally, ensuring you enjoy the highest quality and reliability along with superior performance.

Made in Japan with quality assurance

Leader in SPC Benchmark Performance

Fujitsu ServerView Resources Orchestrator Cloud Portal
User-friendly Self Service Portal for business users

Fujitsu System Management
Integrated System Management for end-to-end ICT control and
compliance with reports detailing the system performance.

Fortified for enterprise security needs

With Fujitsu IaaS on Shared Cloud Platform, your business applications are protected by two tiers of firewalls, manned by our experienced consultants. Our comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) consultancy service expands your protection further. We can assist in architecting your own DR plan with your required service level, building your own DR center, and developing system migration and business resumption procedures.

Sophisticated project management process and services

Fujitsu’s project management expertise will help your organization assemble the best combination of experience, skills, and tools required to control and manage projects, achieve optimum project results, and deliver measureable business benefits. Our project management skills include project and program management and best-practices implementation, project audits and assessments, post-project performance analysis and more.

Value Added Option –Managed Hosting for Business Application

IT departments are under pressure not just to ensure their services are up and running, but to create business value through innovation. Fujitsu Managed Hosting for Business Application allows you to entrust specific infrastructure provisioning, configuration, monitoring and management tasks to Fujitsu experts. We will be responsible for provisioning the physical and virtual resources that your business application needs. We also offer flexible pricing options based on demand of the number of users, size of the virtual systems employed or committed service levels.

Value Added Option –Legacy Modernization Service

Fujitsu Legacy Modernization service helps companies gain more benefits from their legacy IT investments. It improves the lifespan, usability, functionality and accessibility of your ageing, strategic applications. This service also addresses key operational issues, such as vendor lock-in, high operational costs, technological redundancy, skills unavailability and unacceptable time-to-market.

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud model, blending IaaS shared cloud and private system co-location services, gives organizations the flexibility to put their workloads and data where it makes most sense. Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure Services also allows you to put your physical systems in the same data center as the Shared IaaS Cloud, enabling you to manage the assets including the monitoring and alert system with the same set of procedures.