FUJITSU Clean Desk Solutions

Sustainable Workplace Solutions for Smart Minds

At Fujitsu, we work in partnership with you to co-create a modern and individual solution for your workplace needs. We modularly equip your existing or future work desks with attractive solution components that are precisely tailored to the concept and design of your choice.

We support you in various aspects of workplace design and energy saving potential with an approach that is user-oriented, cost-effective, secure and flexible.

Fujitsu Workplace Connect

  • A universal and modular docking system with integrated power supply and network connection for data exchange for all client systems from Fujitsu and other manufacturers.
  • The modular structure of Workplace Connect enables a group-specific design and configuration.
  • Easy customization and integration into your working environment.
  • Highly cost-efficient due to shared desk structure and standardized Fujitsu components.
  • The ergonomically designed clean desk adapts to the employee - not vice versa.
  • Environmental consciousness through energy savings. The entire workplace can be switched off completely at the push of a button.

Fujitsu recommends Windows 10 Pro.

Our Offers for a future-oriented office
Fujitsu Workplace Solutions

Clean Desk 2.0

Ideal For All Sectors
Ideal for all screens
  • A classic two screen scenario with flexible arms and monitors.
  • The perfect flexible digital workplace.
  • Modular, retrofittable and non-destructive reversible.
  • Space saving and flexible positioning thanks to versatile monitor arms.
  • Only one cable for power delivery and data with a vendor independent USB Type-C.
  • Monitor arms can be rotated through 90 degrees and extended for efficient work.

Clean Desk 2.0 Justice

Flexibility and ergonomics at highest level
Flexibility and Ergonomics
  • Combination of identical designed touch screen with pull mechanism and standard screen.
  • Tablet mode for a natural reading posture and ergonomic working.
  • Not only for justice, also perfect for all customers with document handling issues e.g. banking.
  • Monitor arms can be rotated through 90 degrees and extended for smart variability due to single or double solutions.

Clean Desk Easy

Highest Quality at lowest Price
Highest Quality at lowest Price
  • A two monitor scenario with significant cost and space savings.
  • Integrated USB Type-C port replicator in one of the displays.
  • Uncomplicated component wiring and monitor connection thanks to daisy chaining.
  • Dual Display Bundle comes without monitor stands.


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