Tape Storage

Thwart cyberattacks with offline backup

The digital transformation results in a huge amount of data, which becomes more and more valuable to organizations. To protect the business-critical data organizations have to think of a multitier data protection strategy. Besides snapshot, replication, disk and cloud backup tape remains as the most cost-effective storage tier for long-term retention and the optimal media against malware attacks.

The tape storage ranges from the scalable ETERNUS LT family for small and mid-sized companies to enterprise-class libraries from Quantum and Oracle. The tape solutions complement the Fujitsu data protection portfolio as second-tier backup, archiving or long-term retention storage.


The reliable ETERNUS LT family provides a low-cost, long-term tape storage solution for companies of all sizes, with unlimited scalability for unattended backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.
  • High density, affordable tape systems for small to large companies and branch offices
  • Pay as you grow concept to avoid unnecessary pre-investment
  • Easy-to-use tape automation with remote operation requires no local expert skills
  • Preferred tape storage for Fujitsu data protection appliances such as ETERNUS CS

Quantum Scalar Libraries

Designed to grow with your needs, Quantum Scalar tape libraries provide best-in-class management, monitoring, and data security capabilities with embedded software called the Quantum iLayer.

  • For midsize to large enterprise with pay-as-you-grow approach.
  • Save costs with secure in-library vaulting
  • Maximize efficiency with intelligent iLayer software
  • Minimize downtime with high-availability features

Oracle StorageTek SL Libraries

Delivering industry leading capacity, performance and flexibility the Oracle tape libraries help to manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service level agreements.

  • High capacity and reliable libraries for enterprises
  • Long-term investment protection with pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Ensure 24x7 access to data with fully redundant architecture
  • Increase agility with seamless integration between on premises and Oracle Cloud

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