Safeguarding data today and tomorrow

Fujitsu and Quantum have been collaborating since 1983. Fujitsu works closely with its technology partner Quantum to deliver proven joint solutions based on our comprehensive storage portfolio. Together, we create rock-solid solutions for today's most demanding data scenarios, protecting your business against outages and cyberattack whilst reducing costs and saving time.

Joint solutions to address storage needs for all data scenarios today and tomorrow

The Fujitsu-Quantum partnership provides : dynamic, multi-tier storage solutions for business-centric data centers to reduce storage costs, optimize management, and mitigate the risk of data loss.


Modernize data protection to reduce costs and risk

ETERNUS CS8000 data-center automation together with cost-efficient Scalar tape library provide :

  • Multi-tier data protection - leverages flash, hard disk, deduplication and tape technology to balance access speed with capacity needs and cost requirements
  • Intelligent automation - optimizes processes to ensure maximum service levels and reduction of operational expenses
  • Pooling of Resources – infrastructure virtualization and consolidation of point solutions reduce TCO by up to 60%

Best Practice

Award-winning scale-out storage to address storage workflow challenges

ETERNUS DX hybrid storage and StorNext advanced data management software combine:

  • Protection – best-in-class business continuity management with replication ensures non-stop operations and maximum data availability
  • Flexibility - data reduction technologies and agile combination of different storage media and tiers offer an optimal balance between cost and speed
  • Efficiency – Automated quality of service (QoS) simplifies and optimizes storage operations, thus ensuring digital business agility and reducing operational expenses

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