Fujitsu partners you throughout your database project, providing seamless service.

Current version: V2.8

UDS/SQL 580x224UDS/SQL is based on the CODASYL data model and is optimized to deliver maximum throughput and performance. The COBOL-DML (Data Manipulation Language) allows exceptionally fast access to data, since the optimal access path for the real-world situation can be specified already at program compilation time. With more than 32,000 record types per database and more than 2 billion records per record type, data resources of virtually unlimited size can be managed. UDS/SQL interworks closely with other BS2000 components like e.g. openUTM. They complement each other perfectly.

To be equal to the requirements of users making a long-term investment, database systems must possess many first-rate growth features.

UDS/SQL has them:

  • Long-term interface guarantee.
  • High software quality plus seamless service: consulting, training, troubleshooting, maintenance.
  • Capacity to process very large data resources.
  • Very good performance behaviour: high throughput for many users, short response times, use of state-of-the-art hardware architectures.
  • 24x7 operation and data security – even if hardware and software components fail.
  • An array of options for protecting data against unauthorized access.
  • With UDS-D, databases can be distributed over different computer systems, with transparent access to local and remote data resources.
  • UDS/SQL is available for all BS2000 business servers and can be deployed as a data server in heterogeneous system environments (e.g. Solaris, Linux and Windows). Flexible database access via ODBC using SQL elements.