SESAM/SQL-Server (BS2000)

Current version: V9.1

SESAM/SQL-Server is the SQL server for the BS2000 environment, combining the advantages of a relational database system with all the features that users expect from a production system designed to handle heavy workloads. It is the perfect choice for an industrial-strength, high-performance database system for business-critical solutions with midrange to high-end online transaction processing applications.

The benefits are:

  • Excellent scalability and availability create a reliable basis for business-critical solutions
  • SESAM/SQL-Server’s intelligent self-managing features result in extremely economical database operation, dramatically reducing administration costs and ensuring excellent manageability.
  • SESAM/SQL-Server runs on all BS2000 servers and can be accessed as a data server from any platform.

Add-On Products

The SESAM/SQL-DCN distribution component supports the administration and processing of SESAM/SQL databases in computer networks. SESAM/SQL-DCN supports the 2-phase-commit protocol and hence distributed transaction processing even when data is changed at different computer nodes.

SESAM/SQL-LINK is an optional product which permits particularly efficient SESAM database processing, using the linked-in database handler. By eliminating inter-process communication, database operations perform faster.

SESAM/SQL JDBC offers the call-level interface JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) for programs on any platform which supports Java. The JDBC driver for SESAM/SQL is available for download.

SESAM/SQL ADO offers interfaces from the .NET platform to SESAM/SQL databases. The driver is also available for download.

SESAM/SQL PHP provides Apache applications access to SESAM databases via PHP scripts. The driver is available for download.