Components of SE Series

AP- Contact usEvery SE Server consists of several components. The SE310 contains a Server Unit on x86 basis, the SE710 contains a Server Unit based on /390 technology. Further components are the Management Unit and the Net Unit. Application Units (AU) can also be included as an option; the maximum possible number of AUs depends on the type of AU. These optional products make it possible to have mutual monitoring, control and administration amongst a homogenous interface.


Server Unit 580x224

Server Unit: The Server Unit (SU) is the heart of each SE Server and is used to run the BS2000 operating system.

Server Unit (SU /390): For the highest BS2000 monoprocessor power and overall performance with maximum scalability. The monoprocessor performance as well as the power of SE710 with multiple BS2000 CPUs has been significantly increased in comparison with its predecessors.

Server Unit (SU x86): For more resource flexibility with the latest high-end Intel standard processor technology. Under VM2000 also BS2000 guest systems can be used on a SE310.

The key customer benefit consists of:
  • Business flexibility due to easy upgrading, i.e. performance as required
  • High productivity and quality levels for mainframe operations
  • Coverage of growing performance demands in the mid to upper performance range.
  • Optimal utilization of resources on the respective platform


Management Unit 34623 -580x224

Management Unit: The Management Unit (MU) with the SE Manager allows the central administration of the whole SE Server under a common interface. The monitoring, administration and operation extends to the units and the systems running on them, as well as on peripheral systems, Ethernet and FC networks. Additionally unit-wide functions like performance monitoring are available. All tasks can easily be done via the browser-based interface of the SE Manager from each workplace with connection to the SE server.


Net Unit 580x224

Net Unit: The Net Unit is responsible for the communication within an SE Server. It offers highest performance between the SE units and into the customer's network, thereby guaranteeing maximum security. This is realized over several networks with the help of "managed switches". For the net unit with 48 ports and a speed of 1 Gbit/s, both a redundancy extension (already included in SE710) and an extension for 10Gbits/s are offered.


HNC BS2000 - 580X224

HNC: The HNC (High-speed Net Connect) is a high-performance interface for BS2000 systems. It has a modular structure based on a high-performance PRIMERGY™ system with Linux™ . Fiber Channel channels are supported on the server side as well as Fast Ethernet™ and Gigabit Ethernet™ connections on the network side. Each SE710 is delivered with a HNC that is linked to the net unit. Further 1-3 HNCs can be configured to increase throughput and redundancy as well as additional LAN ports.

Application Unit: The application units are high-end servers based on x86 technology. They run Windows and Linux applications. They are suitable for the operation of standard applications and prepared for integration into the SE server. Several Application Units (AU) can be operated in one SE Server, the maximum number depends on the type of AU.

The key customer benefit consists of:

  • Stable operation of customer applications due to the use of redundant components as well as the quality assurance and service concept
  • Ideal AU adaption to the application to be run due to flexible sizing and the use of both native and virtualized operating systems
  • An overview of all units, clusters and vital machines by integration into the SE Manager
  • Common service concept including remote service for AUs and the other SE units

On basis of High-End x86-Servers, which are integrated into SE Servers to run Linux- or Windows-Applications, we offer different types of these units:

The AU25 is based on the PRIMERGY RX2540. This rack server provides high performance, expandability and energy efficiency. Therefore the PRIMERGY RX2540 is ideal for virtualization, scale-out scenarios, and small databases as well as for high performance computing thanks to the high performance of the Intel® Xeon® processors.

The AU47 is based on the PRIMERGY RX4770. This Server is an industry-standard x86 system with four sockets, providing superior levels of performance, scalability and efficiency. This combination turns the server into the ideal platform for running a variety of customer applications. Many user-friendly functions ensure a faster and more cost- effective infrastructure management, no matter where the server is located.

AU87 277x140

The AUQ38E is based on a PRIMEQUEST PQ3800E. It is an 8 socket rack server that delivers superior performance and optimized efficiency for the most demanding mission-critical environments. With the latest Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors with up to 28 cores per processor and the fastest DDR4 memory modules with a total capacity of 12 TB, the PRIMEQUEST 3800E offers unprecedented performance for demanding solutions. Built-in error avoidance/error correction and self-healing features result in outstanding platform reliability.

In connection with configuration and operation services, we offer the data base unit DBU38E. A DBU38E has a fixed hardware configuration optimally matched to the performance requirements of the customer-specific database application. In addition, the DB Unit includes the customer-specific software configuration and the service necessary to provide and maintain the system basis for the database environment as required by the customer.