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  5. ETERNUS CS800 ensures backup and disaster protection at SogeMi logistics company

ETERNUS CS800 ensures backup and disaster protection at SogeMi logistics company

"Thanks to FUJITSU ETERNUS CS800 systems, the initial need to automate and centralize the disk backup process fitted in perfectly with our disaster protection policy."

Guido Gandino, Head of ICT Systems, SogeMi

The customer

SogeMi is a corporation that manages all of Milan’s wholesale agrifood markets on behalf of the municipality (fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry and flowers). The company manages the premises and associated services, over an area covering around 6,800 square meters. About 8,000 people work within SogeMi spaces, buying and selling goods on behalf of their companies. About 500 trucks arrive each day to deliver various products, with around 4,000 buyers visiting to purchase goods to be distributed mainly to local markets, retailers and restaurants.

The challenge

SogeMi works with around 220 companies, providing them with trading spaces to sell their products. Data on contracts, mapping of spaces being used, and information on access is a valuable asset for the company; conserving it requires efficiency and high levels of automation.

The solution

To streamline and optimize a backup process previously heavily dependent on manual operations, SogeMi opted for pair of FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 systems – a backup and deduplication appliance with automatic replication, bringing significant reductions in disk-space requirements and therefore also strengthening the company’s disaster protection plans.

The benefit

  • Centralization of disk backups
  • Deduplication and full replication on the two installed systems
  • Ability to continue using pre-existing backup software
  • Up to 60 percent reduction in resources required


Read the full SogeMi case study (1.01 MB /A4, 2 pages)