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Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIM)

Fujitsu RIM Services ensure the high performance and availability of your critical business services, by managing fully or in part, the resources your business rely on.

The Business Challenge

The fast changing demands of your business  for new services and changing processes, new governance and compliance requirements, better and more transparent cost management make dynamic IT adaptation and optimization a critical component of your strategy. Your company’s success is dependent on the resilience, stability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure. Complex and often unpredictable, the task of managing IT is made even more challenging by IT infrastructures that are heterogeneous, located at multiple sites, constantly evolving and requiring specialized skills.
The business challenge for every organization is how to support your company’s core  business and mission-critical processes, and at the same time, leverage the latest technology innovations to transform your business, while minimizing costs. This is where the Fujitsu RIM Services can help your organization succeed with a quicker Return on Investment (ROI) and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Remote Infrastructure Management Services, commonly referred to as RIM, describe the Fujitsu Infrastructure Management Services that are delivered to our customers using secure methods to connect to their environments. These can be delivered on equipment owned by the customer or on equipment leased from Fujitsu and are delivered remotely through the Fujitsu ITIL designed Enterprise Operations Center (EOC).
Our RIM services provide monitoring, administration, operation and optimization of your IT infrastructure from an on-shore, near- shore, or remote location at the Fujitsu Global Delivery Centers located worldwide. Our Enterprise Operations Center located in Trinidad provides the best on-shore and near-shore support for the Caribbean and Central America, with our management infrastructure securely located in our Uptime Institute Tier III Design Certified Data Center facility, providing 99.982% uptime.

Remote Infrastructure Management Packages

The tried and proven Fujitsu processes and procedures ensure exceptional service delivery to our clients based on industry best practices and international standards. Fujitsu provides this as a global service while still maintaining the local nuances that allow us to customize our services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our RIM Services are packaged as  follows:


  • Maximum flexibility with selective outsourcing
  • Rapid delivery with automated and standard components
  • Economies of scale with specialized infrastructure services
  • Improved business service
  • Boost ROI and cut IT management and administration costs
  • Access high-demand IT skills and leverage global best practices
  • Focus on activities directly related to your core business

Maximum Flexibility with Selective Outsourcing Services

Designed to meet IT governance and compliance requirements, Fujitsu RIM Services allow you to selectively retain control and outsource select IT tasks where it provides the best business value. Together, we design a modular and custom solution that fits your current and planned IT infrastructure, scaling as your requirements change.

Rapid Delivery with Automated and Standardized Components

The components of the RIM Services are standardized and employ automated functions, enabling rapid delivery, using proven off-the- shelf tools and products from our technology partners. Our delivery model balances efficiency with reduction of operational risks.

Adapt to Business Demands Leveraging Global Capabilities

Fujitsu RIM Services offer an outsourcing partnership strategy that allows you to leverage the economies of scale derived from partnering with a global provider of specialized infrastructure services ensuring that your business objectives are met.

Improved Business Service

Maintaining internal Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) is a complex and arduous task for most businesses. With Fujitsu RIM Services, we guarantee service levels to our clients, by establishing critical Key Performance Indicators.

Boost ROI and Reduce IT Management and Administration Costs

Fujitsu RIM Services are based on a shared service model which facilitates rapid response to increasing resource requirements and also allows us to reduce costs by leveraging resource optimizations across a wider customer base.

Access High-Demand IT Skills and Global Best Practices

Acquiring and maintaining in-demand IT skills have proven to be a difficult task for many organizations. Fujitsu is able to leverage its global capabilities and reach to attract, retain and grow these resources using our global intellectual capital.

Focus on Activities that Relate Directly to your Core Business

Organizations in today’s marketplace prefer to spend less time on support systems and more time with their clients, focusing on their core business. Fujitsu RIM Services allow your organization to focus on your core business and not on your IT.

Fujitsu Differentiators – The RIM Service Experience

Fujitsu has extensive experience providing RIM services - from delivery centers across the globe to varied industry verticals as well as to customers of different sizes. Our tried and proven methods ensure exceptional service delivery to our clients based on industry best practices and international standards. Fujitsu provides this service to global standards while still maintaining the local nuances that allow us to customize our services to meet the unique needs of our local and regional clients.

Service Elements & Service Categories

The RIM Service Elements detail the individual service components that comprise our various RIM Services. Our RIM Services Elements are categorized as follows:

Monitor - Services that passively detect and/or record specific conditions in IT systems and alert/report on those conditions based on pre-defined responses for our clients.
Manage- Services that include standard administrative functions, configuration management, incident and problem management and change and
patch management.

Our RIM Service Elements along with our RIM Service Categories allow you to select the best service depending on your needs. Our flexible services model ensures that you receive the appropriate service according to your exact required service levels.
Fujitsu Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIM)