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  7. Fujitsu and Sun Unveil New Entry-level Server Powered by the SPARC64 Ⅶ Processor and the Solaris OS

Fujitsu and Sun Unveil New Entry-level Server Powered by the SPARC64 Ⅶ Processor and the Solaris OS

- New SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Delivers Enterprise Performance and Mission-critical RAS in Ultra-dense Footprint -

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.

October 28, 2008

Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) and Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today expanded their SPARC Enterprise® server family by adding the entry-level SPARC Enterprise M3000 server, powered by a single quad-core SPARC64™ Ⅶ processor and the Solaris™ 10 Operating System (OS). The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server inherits the mission-critical features of the SPARC64-based SPARC Enterprise server family, delivering mainframe-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) in an ultra-dense open system at an entry-level price. The new systems are ideal platforms for single-threaded enterprise applications including databases, BIDW, ERP and CRM.

"The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server provides a perfect balance between mission-critical features, compact form factor and power efficiency," said Masami Yamamoto, corporate senior vice president of Fujitsu. "The new SPARC Enterprise server offers excellent performance for a broad range of application areas and will facilitate innovation in customers' business processes."

"Customers told us they wanted an entry-level SPARC Enterprise system, both for multi-tier application deployments and to create development environments for their larger M8000/M9000 systems," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server complements both the line and the mix-and-match reality of the datacenter. Customers now have a low-cost, high-performance option with mainframe-class RAS benefits in an open system running Solaris. It's mix-and-match or start small and grow big."

SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Delivers Advanced Performance and RAS with the SPARC64 Ⅶ Processor

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server leverages the same quad-core SPARC64 Ⅶ processor used in the world-record holding SPARC Enterprise M4000, M5000, M8000 and M9000 servers. With its Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) chip architecture, the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server delivers excellent single-core performance. And with the latest I/O interfaces, PCI-Express, and SAS system architecture, the new system minimizes latency and provides maximum throughput, whether running compute, I/O, or memory intensive workloads. These new processors also help enable the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server to deliver double the performance while consuming over 50 percent less energy and space than previous UltraSPARC® Ⅲi-based servers.

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server also delivers key features including hardware-level instruction retry, dynamic cache-memory degradation and extended ECC, giving customers the benefits of mainframe-like RAS capabilities at an entry-level price.

SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Delivers Energy and Space Efficient Platform for Virtualization, Consolidation

At just two rack units (RU) weighing 22kg (49 pounds), the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server significantly reduces physical footprint and rackmount floor-loading, resulting in increased space efficiency. Leveraging Solaris™ Containers, the new SPARC Enterprise server provides an ultra-high density environment with exceptional virtualization capabilities and helps enable customers to optimally consolidate entry-level servers into a compact 2U chassis, letting them further reduce energy consumption and save space.

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server also features two efficient cooling zones and an autonomous 9-stage fan control. This maximizes cooling and energy efficiency and minimizes noise: energy consumption is reduced by 50 percent or more over previous UltraSPARC Ⅲi-based servers and noise is reduced to 47dB, roughly the same noise level as a quiet office(1).

More information on the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server is available at: and

Fujitsu and Sun Continue to Enhance the SPARC Enterprise Server Family

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 is the latest addition to SPARC Enterprise line of servers co-developed and marketed by Fujitsu and Sun. The companies are committed to building on their more than 20-year relationship through the continual enhancement of best-in-class products and services. Fujitsu and Sun plan to release systems based on new SPARC64 processors running at a clock speed of 2.8GHz in 2009. Fujitsu and Sun also have future enhancements planned for systems using the next generation of SPARC64 and UltraSPARC processors.

Product Availability and Services

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server starts at $15,000 (U.S. List) and is immediately available directly from Fujitsu and Sun and their authorized resellers. Both Fujitsu-branded and Sun-branded SPARC Enterprise servers will be marketed worldwide. All features are identical.

Fujitsu and Sun also provide a full suite of services to help customers maximize their infrastructure investments. Services from both companies include consolidation, virtualization, maximizing data center efficiency and migration to Solaris 10. More information is available at and

About Fujitsu (Caribbean)

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions in the Caribbean is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US$43.2-billion Fujitsu Group. Fujitsu integrates the core expertise of our skilled resources and Business Partners to deliver IT Infrastructure Solutions and Managed Services that continuously evolve to respond to our customer’s complex business and technology issues. Focused on the Financial Services, Telecommunications and Government sectors we simplify IT for our customers and build more value into their IT investments. Fujitsu is the world’s third largest IT Services Company and has been operating in the Caribbean for over 50 years. Managed by a regional executive team, we have offices in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad; including business agents in the Bahamas, St. Vincent, Haiti, Anguilla, Antigua, Dominican Republic and Grenada, to serve the entire region. Fujitsu has delivered and currently supports mission critical ICT solutions and networks across the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean. Visit our website at to learn more about us.”

About Fujitsu Ltd.

Fujitsu Ltd. is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 160,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 5.3 trillion yen (US $53 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.
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Sun Microsystems develops the technologies that power the global marketplace. Guided by a singular vision -- ""The Network is the Computer™"" -- Sun drives network participation through shared innovation, community development and open source leadership. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the Web at

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Date: 28 October, 2008
Company: Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.,