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  7. Fujitsu Announces World's Smallest Convertible Notebook With Fastest Wireless Data Connection in North America

Fujitsu Announces World's Smallest Convertible Notebook With Fastest Wireless Data Connection in North America

Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Mini Convertible and LifeBook T2010 Ultra Portable Convertible Notebooks First to Offer Built-In AT&T BroadbandConnect High-Speed Uplink Packet Access

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.

LAS VEGAS, NV , January 06, 2008

Digital Experience and 2008 International CES -- Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced that the LifeBook(R) U810 mini and the ultra-portable LifeBook T2010 convertible notebooks will be the first systems to offer an embedded cellular modem certified to access AT&T's BroadbandConnect High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) network delivering the highest speed data wireless GSM WAN connection available in North America. The 1.56 pound LifeBook U810 mini, the world's smallest convertible notebook* with a 5.6 inch LED back-lit touch screen display, and the 3.5 pound LifeBook T2010 convertible notebook with a 12.1 inch LED back-lit display both available with HSUPA wireless WAN in March, will be shown for the first time at Digital Experience, then on display at 2008 International CES in Fujitsu Booth #13244 in the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall.

"Today, ultimate mobility means more than 'easy to carry around' -- it means a small, lightweight, highly reliable device that offers wireless connectivity at broadband speeds," said Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems. "With HSUPA access integrated into the LifeBook U810 mini and LifeBook T2010 convertible notebooks, Fujitsu combines extreme mobility with unequaled data connectivity for an outstanding consumer experience."

HSUPA typically provides upload speeds between 500 Kbps and 800 Kbps, enabling fast uploads of large files such as email with attachments, videos, photos and business documents. The LifeBook U810 mini and LifeBook T2010 convertible notebooks also support enhanced High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), which typically provides download speeds over AT&T's 3G network ranging from 600 to 1400 Kbps, providing an optimal wireless Internet-browsing experience. The convertible notebooks will work seamlessly across AT&T's High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and EDGE/GPRS networks providing customers with the ideal mix of coverage and performance whether they are traveling across town, the U.S., or the world. Additionally, the LifeBook U810 and LifeBook T2010 convertible notebooks are equipped with AT&T's Laptop Wireless Activation (LWA) solution allowing consumers to establish an account and activate their mobile broadband services over the air.

"The innovations in the Ultra Mobile PC and convertible notebooks delivered by Fujitsu complement the touch and pen features of Windows Vista, providing consumers with computing essentials and flexibility for work and play on the run," said Darin Fish, Director, PC3 platforms, Microsoft.

"Intel mobile technology enables a wave of innovative and powerful new notebook PCs, allowing OEMs like Fujitsu to bring to market very small, yet powerful PCs with the great battery life users are looking for," said Karen Regis, Intel Consumer Marketing Manager.

With the power to run all standard applications, the LifeBook U810 mini notebook functions like a traditional notebook with an ultra-slim QWERTY keyboard, or by swiveling the WSVGA Crystal View illuminated screen, as a handheld Tablet PC with a touch screen for finger or pen input. The mini convertible, equipped with the energy efficient Ultra Low Power Intel(R) A110 processor is available with Windows Vista(R) Home Premium, Windows Vista(R) Business, or Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. The multi-function capabilities of the LifeBook U810 notebook make it ideal for movie or music playback, viewing and editing documents, surfing the Internet, and digital picture taking using the notebook's integrated camera. Back at the office or at home, place the LifeBook U810 notebook into a docking station and attach an external display and keyboard for a true desktop experience. The system's standard four-cell battery delivers up to 5.5 hours of computing time, perfect for a cross-country flight.(1)

The LifeBook T2010 notebook is ideal for mobile users who desire a lightweight convertible but don't want to sacrifice battery life or display size. At approximately 3.5 pounds, the LifeBook T2010 notebook is one of the lightest in its class and comes equipped with a slim 1.3-inch chassis and a 12.1-inch WXGA indoor/outdoor display with a bi-directional swivel. Its LED-backlit screen provides an exceptionally bright display for an improved visual experience even in sunlight. The pen-enabled convertible boasts extraordinary battery life of up to 11 hours(1) with the extended battery option, or 9 hours(1) with a standard battery. The LifeBook T2010 notebook equipped with Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage 7600 Processor offers a choice of Windows Vista(R) Business or Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

Both the LifeBook U810 and LifeBook T2010 notebooks comply with the new Energy Star(R) version 4.0 guidelines. The environmentally friendly notebooks are packed with a suite of advanced security features to safeguard information including Trusted Platform Module support and two-level BIO lock, along with a fingerprint sensor for encrypting sensitive files with a finger swipe. The LifeBook T2010 notebook also offers an embedded Smart Card slot.

  • [1] Fujitsu Announces World's Smallest Convertible Notebook With Fastest Wireless Data Connection in North America

    Battery life estimates reflect the results of BAPCo MobileMark2005 Productivity Workloads performed upon systems with battery life setting enabled on Windows(R) XP operating systems. Actual battery life will vary based on screen brightness, applications used, features selected, power management settings, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences. DVD/CD-RW, DVD Writer, LAN, wireless LAN or hard drive usage may also have a significant impact on battery life.

  • [2] Fujitsu Announces World's Smallest Convertible Notebook With Fastest Wireless Data Connection in North America

    Pricing may change without notice.

  • [3] Fujitsu Announces World's Smallest Convertible Notebook With Fastest Wireless Data Connection in North America

    Certain retailers will only offer select models.

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