Insight Driven Retail Performance

Fujitsu Data Analytic Dashboard Service is a reporting and consultation service by analytic dashboard and data consultants, to visualize trends and critical factors in customer's daily business, through multiple data sources.

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Retailers rely heavily on in-store technology to deliver CXs

Ensuring effective in-store IT systems is critical to maintaining the customer's journey and promoting the brand's reputation.

Retailers are facing an increasing need for a reduction in the maintenance and administration costs through retail organizations globally. Therefore, they are looking for management and automation advancements which help deliver managed services effectively and efficiently.

Retailers face these pain points in their business:

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To operate in stores/restaurants/cafes efficiently

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To solve recurring issues and make time

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To promote new services and items to consumers

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To utilize consumers and/or end-users feedback

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To predict the sale and decide the target

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To prepare a new branch to open due to high, increasing market demand

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To move available inventory to the prioritized distribution

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To store their staff's health checkup and attendance analysis to predict working conditions

Fujitsu transforms customer business as a DX partner

Our services provide new omnichannel experience in stores, to meet consumer expectations, introduce new digital touch points, and manage technology.

We are always open to serve, trade, operate, and innovate, and keep pace with new customer needs, bring shopping to new physical locations, enhance the value of people, and streamline operational processes.

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Data Analytic Dashboard Service for Always Open Retail

Fujitsu's Data Analytic Dashboard Service provides visualization and consulting support based on AI based analytics to bring together everything you need to provide improvements and achieve each customer's goals. This service consists of not only development of dashboard screen, but also business analysis, training for users, and data consulting as shown below.

4 Steps to Utilize the Services

The most important step in business plan creation is the problem statement and identifying the challenges appropriately. That's why Fujitsu provides a dashboard with the following business steps:

Business Analysis

STEP 1: Business Analysis

Main features

  • Discuss the business with the customer to understand their challenges
  • Create a problem statement to clarify the pain points


  • Propose an improvement scenario
  • Understand the customer's situation and clarify issues from an objective and professional perspective.
Development Dashboard

STEP 2: Development Dashboard

Main features

  • Identify data to develop dashboard
  • Support to prepare data ingestion
  • Set up cloud environment
  • Do exploratory analysis
  • Visualize data


  • Visualize situation and predict future incident and events

STEP 3: Training

Main features

  • Prepare training session
  • Provide a training session on the available functions


  • Understand standard functions of dashboard
  • Consider improvements and solutions based on the dashboard
Data Consulting

STEP 4: Data Consulting

Main features

  • Provide support to get insights from dashboard
  • Propose improvements based on dashboard insights


  • Gain deeper insights of the business from professionals and gain new idea and inspiration