Fujitsu’s Cashier-Free Store

Fujitsu’s Cashier-Free Store

Easy, fast, automated shopping, using digital cameras and AI sensors, freeing you - finally - from checkout lines.

Shopping at its most cost-effective, accurate and convenient. It's best anywhere shoppers want to get in, pick up what they need and get out - fast.

Fujitsu automated, cashier and line-less shopping

Fujitsu Cashier-Free Store is a highly accurate digital retail solution designed to simplify your shoppers' lives.


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Open the gate with smartphone
(dedicated app)


Monitor item pickup
(Shelf Weight Sensor + Camera)


Auto-pay as you leave the store
(Digital Receipt)

Designed to anonymously focus on each individual shopper, the solution is smart enough to also recognize groups, such as families entering the store together, and can add all the items chosen by the group into a single transaction. And it does this using overhead cameras, with a high level of precision, even when stores are crowded.

How do you gain insight on typical shopper behaviour?

As well as the cameras using smart vision cognition, smart shelf-sensors and machine learning is used to accurately spot and record what your customer picks up and what they put back onto the shelf. But we know if they return something to the wrong shelf, we can account for that too. This means you can very accurately record what is chosen and then taken from the store. Which means that store shop lifting is massively reduced too.

And of course, all this data can be used to gain insight on typical shopper behaviour (gaze direction, dwell time and location tracking) as well as store space usage. Speaking of which, the solution takes up very little space in the store, just a turnstile to manage entry and exit, cameras on the roof, sensors on the existing shelves and cabling to network switches and equipment tucked out of the way.

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What does the customer need to do?

Simple and easy to use, the customer simply downloads and registers with the app on a smartphone. This links their profile to their payment account, and once they receive the unique QR code they are ready to go. Just walk up to the turnstile at the entrance to the store, scan their QR code and pass through to start shopping. They can wander the store, pick up the items, put back anything they change their mind about and then walk out.

We will send a digital receipt to their smartphone for the items purchased once they’ve left the store. The whole transaction is recorded and stored temporarily, so that in the event of a dispute, support teams can review and resolve it quickly.

What are the Fujitsu Services?

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Fujitsu offers freedom with full end to end service, so we can manage the solution as well. From site surveys, through design to hardware installation and calibration, software deployment, testing and support. The software is deployed remotely once the hardware is installed in store and we help you test the store prior to going live.

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With a choice of pre-fabricated modules or retrofitting existing space, all the retailer has to provide are plans or layouts of the store and the space, configured appropriately to an agreed design and ready for the equipment to be installed.

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And you can control your inventory easily, either downloading product info directly, or have Fujitsu manage that for you, which allows you to easily and quickly update inventory as regularly as you choose.

What are the features and benefits?

Main features

  • Highly accurate for confident shopping
  • Customisable app downloadable from app stores or your web site
  • Entry managed by QR code or credit card
  • Large square footage supported
  • High footfall destinations and group handling
  • Unlimited number of SKUs supported
  • Unlimited number of shoppers managed
  • Cameras and sensors for ultimate accuracy
  • Anonymous tracking, no facial recognition
  • Shopper behaviour data
  • Hosted solution through installation, upgrade and support
  • Video based dispute management
  • Retailer managed inventory, easy and fast to add new products
  • Dashboards and crew tools available
  • Operational even during short internet outages
  • Rear-loading shelves and support food cabinets supported for food, snacks and beverages
  • Takes up no additional store space - store server-less


  • Easy and fast to shop – e.g. 45 seconds from 5+ minutes
  • No more queues, encouraging increased visits
  • Transaction volume increase
  • Cashier-less and automated store operations drive labour cost savings
  • Reduced staffing helps reduce recruitment effort
  • Real-time AI increases loyalty with targeted promos
  • Group shopping on one receipt
  • More instore selling space (no checkouts)
  • Fast inventory turnover data for faster restocking & fewer out of stocks
  • Reduced shop-lifting and shrinkage– no place to hide
  • Fast remote software deployment
  • Hygienic – no touching required