Capture the future today

Capture by Fujitsu combines real time surveillance video with the power of AI and video analytics technology.

How will Capture help?

Capture is for the market, regional and operational managers and CDOs and CIOs who wish to improve the speed of the entire drive-thru and its experience by implementing a solution that uses AI vision to:


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Identify vehicles and monitor their flow and duration in real-time

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Identify repeat customers, enabling personalization and upselling

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Gain a complete visibility to all essential service time metrics and goals; benchmark against other QSR locations

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Recognize bottlenecks and ensure speed of service

Predictive use of data

The use of license plate recognition systems and video analytics will improve competitive advantage. Video analytics, from customer and order data, can improve customer retention, by generating real business value for QSR, Grocery and Fuel environments.

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Capture by Fujitsu is changing the drive-thru experience, by utilising license plate recognition and vehicle tracking technology, fast-food restaurants can accurately time customer vehicles throughout their entire experience. Data is shown live on an in-restaurant dashboard, helping your business optimise speed and queue management right at that very second.

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Click and Collect

Take our video analytics solution into the click and collect environment. Instead of customers notifying the retailer when they arrive, Capture by Fujitsu will automatically detect which customer has arrived and alert staff immediately.

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Capture by Fujitsu can also be utilised in the fuel environment, where demand forecasting is used to see where and when peak times are, and enable your business to know how to respond to accordingly. Our solution examines the type of vehicles and the clientele present at each store, tailoring products accordingly.

Fujitsu's video analytics service

Secure and in the cloud

Fujitsu's Video Analytics service delivers a fully managed Video Analytics Solution, designed to be scalable and secure. It is delivered as a standard service including configurable features to suit customers' profile requirements.

Fujitsu´s Capture Video Analytics can accommodate any customer scenario, a complete end-to-end Video Analytics Solution in the cloud. Security configurations are rigorously reviewed to maintain currency, and the service evolves as new Azure/ATP/Intune/Enfusion/Vates/LPR Hub Dashboard Windows 10 features are released.

Main Features of Capture by Fujitsu

  • With Fujitsu Live In-Store Dashboard with customizable, real-time metrics.
  • Combines real time surveillance video with the power of video analytics technology.
  • License Plate Recognition & Vehicle Tracking Technology.
  • Visualization of the customer journey - rich data from end-to-end journey tracked including wait bays.
  • Captures rich customer data and insights every day to inform your business decisions and goals.
  • Fujitsu Live Online Dashboard for an overview of local, regional, and national real-time performance data.
  • Engage with analytics experts and apply tailored data science.
  • Better understand returning customers and how to use this data for Sales, Marketing and Loyalty Programs.

Main Benefits of Capture by Fujitsu

  • Enhance queue management and monitor multi-store performance with customizable real-time reporting.
  • Reduce speed of service for every customer. Monitor every point of the customer journey and deliver the right order every time.
  • Enhance the customer experience and build loyalty with personalized services. Build product recommendation engines, predictive ordering and more.
  • Create actionable insights to deliver better products, improve efficiency, and increase customer engagement.
  • Video analytics, combined with no contact pick-up, helps customers remove the inconvenience of the traditional shopping experience.
  • Enable new strategies: Click & Collect or drive-thru only locations. Face recognition data-driven digital menu boards, ordering and tailored promotions.
  • Richer data for Retailer for greater insight such as influencing store design, stock and queue forecasting/ management operations, resource planning and customer experience.

Fast installation and light costs

Fujitsu Capture employs a subscription service model with lightweight installation.

Less expensive ongoing maintenance and minimal or no drive-thru downtime.

No heavy up-front cost but a stable, predictable, and manageable monthly subscription tailored to your needs.

The whole package includes Fujitsu hardware, installation, and infield service management.

Fujitsu quality assurance is guaranteed - we do not outsource to third parties for deployment and maintenance.


Service Decomposition

Want to find out more?

See the Service Functions and Service Components that are available from the Fujitsu Capture Video Analytics.