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Digitalisation & Innovation

We believe that digital connections between people, software and devices can lead to wonderful new ideas – and open up new ways of looking at previously intractable business and social problems.

That’s why we’re passionate about solving digital problems and helping enterprises evolve using the power of connected technology. We want to help our customers make the world a better place, one rapid solution at a time.

Today, the potential impacts of digitalisation and innovation are imminent opportunities and also a pressing issue for businesses across almost every industry.

As more people, systems and things become interconnected, so the scope to create new and novel digital value chains rapidly increases. Understanding the impact of these changes and successfully evolving to avoid or exploit disruption is therefore critical to survival.

We have observed a consistent set of behaviours from successful customers which can be generalised to create the foundations of a repeatable, evolutionary approach as below:

overcome barriers

Fujitsu would like to share our experiences of working with successful companies who are:

  • taking an outside-in approach to transformation,
  • using customer experiences to drive alignment,
  • integrating infrastructure and processes across the whole digital environment and
  • transforming IT practices to accelerate change and empower everyone in the organisation to make things better.

Fujitsu RunMyProcess helps customers achieve the goals of business digitalisation by quickly and securely building applications that connect enterprise systems and processes to the people, clouds and devices. By making connections our platform helps enterprises safely evolve towards new digital business models that make a real difference to the lives of their customers and employees.

More Details on RunMyProcess

RMP was founded in 2007 and its innovative technology securely captures and optimises process flows that link people together with cloud, on-premise and mobile systems across complex environments. The company was previously recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” and Red Herring named it as a Top 100 Innovator.

With its native cloud architecture RunMyProcess (RMP) is a perfect fit for Fujitsu’s vision and will deliver significant synergies in combination with our existing cloud infrastructure, enablement and services capabilities.

For more details of RMP, please email, or visit