Information about Update for Battery Charging Control

Fujitsu is continuously seeking ways to improve the efficiency and safety of our PC products for the benefit of our End Users, both on new models and on those previously manufactured and sold.

In furtherance of that effort, Fujitsu is now making available to End Users an installable Update for Battery Charging Control which can reduce the potential of a battery-related thermal incident. We have determined that, as the battery pack used in a PC ages, a slight reduction in the charging voltage has a positive impact on maintaining the safe operation of the battery pack. Our Update detects battery age and status, and regulates charging voltages accordingly. We encourage you to download and apply this Update to your Fujitsu PC.

Because the Update varies according to model, and may not be available for all models, please confirm first that your PC is on the Applicable Model list. If your model is on the list, please follow the instructions provided at the same site, in the How to Apply the Update section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on the battery pack age/condition, the battery pack run time on a charge will be reduced (in some instances) by as much as 35% after this update. In addition, End Users should remember that all battery packs in PCs are consumable components that require periodic replacement. Even if the PC is used with power from the AC adapter, over time the battery pack will age, hold less charge, and ultimately must be replaced. Please consider the purchase of a new battery pack as appropriate to maximize the utility and safety of your PC.

Should you have any questions on this Information, please contact 800-301-9175.