Connecting Students to 21st Century Learning


Demands for fully-connected, service-led digital experiences are accelerating in every sector. Education is feeling the pressure to change, with school boards and Higher Education institutions rapidly adapting to the shift in expectations.  

At Fujitsu, we continue to invest in modernizing the learning experience through our extensive portfolio of digital IT solutions. We have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to deliver proven, flexible, and secure IT solutions focused on improving student outcomes.

Fujitsu Student Information Services

A modern Student Information System (SIS) can dramatically streamline administrative tasks, helping teachers to manage their classes, parents to keep up to date, and school districts to gather, access, and analyze relevant data. Our SaaS-based SIS solution is deployed on Microsoft Azure and enables students, parents, and teachers to work together to improve learning outcomes.

Reimagining Education in a post-COVID world

As the global pandemic shut down schools across the world, COVID-19 exposed the level of preparedness at education institutions. There were gaps to fill, for sure, but overall the pandemic underlined the tremendous resilience and innovative spirit of educators. So how can education leaders build on the technology achievements of the pandemic experience?

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How to solve your K-12 administrative needs

A critical component to the long-term success of your K-12 school district is ensuring you have future-proof technology – from the back-office to the classroom. Classroom technology gets a lot of the attention, but there’s tremendous hidden value in upgrading your administrative technologies as well.

Digital Transformation in Education

K-12 education is moving from institutionalized thinking and toward a more student-centric approach. Teaching is becoming more facilitative, while learning is less about consuming factsand more about how to engage and use information.

The role of the Enterprise Integration Platform

For School Boards wanting to move forward and transform, systems-wide integration creates a single-pane view of operations and processes across all departments. It’s the enterprise integration platform – for education.

At Fujitsu we create strong partnerships with our customers

Timely access to the right data can help improve student learning outcomes. Integrating applications also improves data quality, streamlines processes, supports efficiency, and enables collaboration among teachers, students, and parents.

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Fujitsu Research of America (FRA) headquartered in Sunnyvale, California

The knowledge economy is here, sparking major changes in K-12 to prepare students for an ever more digital world. School boards are working hard to determine the investments needed to modernize their systems for the challenges ahead.

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