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The Fujitsu GlobeRanger IoT/AIT Technology Advantage

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, GlobeRanger is a world-leader in Internet of Things (IoT) and Automated Identification Technologies (AIT) such as RFID, and BLE. We defined Edge Computing and have deep experience in AIT that dates back to the early days of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and machine-to-machine systems. We draw on long-established expertise in networking, applications, sensors and embedded technologies to provide insight, advice, and practical implementation resources for businesses wanting to extract value from the technology.

Fujitsu and GlobeRanger continue to invest in IoT and AIT knowledge and skills, supporting the continual development of IoT and AIT solutions. Fujitsu operates in 154 countries and invests as much as $1.6 billion annually in research and development. Leveraging Fujitsu’s global footprint and financial strength, Fujitsu and GlobeRanger collaborate to bring best-in-class solutions for industrial IoT, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, aviation, defence and many other industries. The combination of Fujitsu’s financial strength and industry knowledge combined with GlobeRanger’s IoT and AIT RFID expertise bring our customers the high value, low-risk, asset, supply chain and personnel tracking solutions they need to transform their organization.

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Tackling your unique industry challenges with IoT technology

GlobeRanger IoT solutions are highly scalable and flexible, with applications across numerous industry sectors. We provide the world’s most advanced asset tracking solution, exploiting the true potential of the Internet of Things.


Distribution & Logistics

End-to-end logistics management, delivering velocity, visibility and value. With a smart and connected supply chain solution, you are enabled to gain a 360-degree view of your entire warehouse operation, empowering you to anticipate disruptions and rapidly make immediate adjustments as conditions change.

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Real-time supply chain visibility drives business process optimization. In an industry that depends on timely data and decision making, obsolete and unreliable information systems can bring production to a grinding halt.

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Defense & National Security

Harnessing data to deliver near real-time intelligence with Military context. Military support chains are complex. Achieving a single, trusted view of your available assets is a huge challenge, given the complexities involved.

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Industry-leading AIT solutions that support all aspects of the aerospace industry including MRO, inventory management and supply chain integration.

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GlobeRanger Solutions: Unleashing the potential of IoT and AIT technology

It’s a real challenge to gain the visibility you need to keep track of everything across your organization. But GlobeRanger RFID solutions can change this. According to Gartner, “…as the Internet of Things continues to mature, IoT adopters are getting better at extracting value”, with 80% of organizations that have adopted IoT reporting already achieving better-than-expected results.


GlobeRanger iMotion™ IoT enablement platform

IoT can provide access to previously hard-to-reach data collected from a myriad of connected devices, opening the door to a much clearer understanding of how to optimize processes, services and products. But physical processes are still often captured and monitored manually or with inefficient technologies.

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GlobeRanger asset tracking solutions

Your end-to-end supply chain is complicated. Managing stock levels, deliveries from suppliers, inventory levels, production schedules, shipments… the list is endless. With so many moving parts, it’s a real challenge to gain the visibility you need to keep track of everything across your organization.

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Improve workplace safety with GlobeRanger AIT Personnel Tracking

Organizations are obliged to provide their workforce with a safe, risk-free working environment. But as the size of the site and number of staff grows, so too does the challenge of ensuring your facility is safe, and that operational risks are managed effectively.

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