Enabling sustainable business transformation

Prepare for a sustainable future with a resilient, efficient and adaptive hybrid cloud foundation

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses require scalable IT infrastructure solutions that can seamlessly adapt to new opportunities, and enable sustainability transformation, while maintaining optimum efficiency and security.

Fujitsu hybrid cloud enables efficient resource allocation to optimize performance and save on costs. Using our hybrid and multi-cloud expertise, we empower you to easily navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and capitalize on the benefits hybrid cloud brings.

Resilience – by distributing workloads across multi-cloud environments, we enable high availability and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure your critical applications and data remain protected and accessible at all times.

Sustainability – by optimizing resource allocation and enabling the implementation of green practices such as server consolidation, we empower you to lower energy consumption, cut carbon emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Efficiency – by allocating workloads strategically, we enable you to utilize the most appropriate cloud environment for each workload to minimize costs and improve overall operational efficiency.

Adaptability – by providing the flexibility to scale resources on-demand, we empower you to rapidly respond to market changes, expand your user base or innovate at speed.

Work with Fujitsu hybrid cloud experts to optimize your IT infrastructure, together we will ensure that you end up with the optimum cloud solution for your workload.

Resilient, efficient and adaptive hybrid cloud fit for a dynamic digital business

In line with our Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2023, this latest IDC report reveals that getting on top of hybrid cloud adoption and operations has never been more important for dynamic digital business. Download the report, it makes interesting reading - findings reveal that for European businesses:

  • 79% advise that hybrid and multi-cloud environments are a reality.
  • 90% of G2000 CIOs will use AIOps solutions to drive automated remediation and workload placement decisions by 2026.
  • Overcoming technical debt, the cost of infrastructure spending, rising cyber risks as well as training and skills are the top infrastructure concerns.
  • Core infrastructure isn’t going anywhere – core data center remains the starting point for hybrid and multi-cloud excellence.
  • Tomorrow’s strategies are focused on designing resilient, governed and optimized hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
The right cloud for the right workload

Why partner with Fujitsu to bring your hybrid cloud to life?

No matter where you are on your hybrid cloud journey, Fujitsu can deliver a unified solution. We’re a world-class hybrid cloud partner, uniquely positioned to find you the right cloud for the right workload to ensure your business continuity, efficiency, adaptability and sustainability. Our vision is a world without complexity and risk when building hybrid cloud infrastructures.

With our global end-to-end expertise, extensive solutions portfolio and leading partnerships we enable you to:

  • Perfect your future strategy and build your cloud environment
  • Migrate, transform and build applications across cloud platforms
  • Secure, manage and optimize a distributed cloud landscape

Utilizing our services, platforms and products – including our PRIMEFLEX portfolio for hybrid enabled converged and hyper-converged infrastructures – we help you to identify and build the perfect solution for your unique needs. We work with you to modernize and move workloads to where they are best suited, making it possible to transition as quickly, painlessly and cost-effectively as possible. Explore our latest AR paper and discover more.

Work with Fujitsu and realize the benefits:

Icon showing Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Scale resources up or down based on demand.

Reduce overall IT expenses and allocate resources efficiently.

Eliminate the need for upfront investment in hardware.

Icon showing Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Implement the latest technology to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Leverage public cloud providers’ shared resources and energy-efficient infrastructure.

Icon showing Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Distribute workloads across multiple cloud environments to ensure data redundancy and minimize the risk of data loss.

Ensure seamless failover to alternate cloud environments to ensure uninterrupted operations and minimize downtime.

Icon showing Scalability


Adapt at speed to changing market conditions and emerging opportunities.

Seize new opportunities without delay to remain competitive and sustain growth.

Taking the journey to hybrid cloud with Fujitsu



Migration & transformation


Management & optimization

Assessment - We begin by undertaking cloud readiness and assessment to help you understand your environment and the value of transforming to cloud, before creating a roadmap forward.

Deployment - We work with you to build an ideal target environment for your various applications, workloads and data across edge-core-cloud.

Migration and transformation - We combine ‘lifting and shifting’ workloads with application transformation in the Cloud to build new functionality, products and services. We leverage modern platforms, intelligent business applications and ‘off-the-shelf’ SaaS to underpin your transformation.

Security - Utilizing our comprehensive security consulting services we unify security across your entire hybrid cloud environment and deliver 360 threat monitoring and proactive intervention.

Management and optimization - We offer ‘full-lifecycle’ services for managing, integrating and optimizing your estate, including application and data management across all distributed platforms and end-to-end managed services for AWS, Azure, Oracle, SAP and VMware.

Fujitsu cloud solutions

To address your challenges across diverse scenarios, we offer comprehensive support through an extensive range of products, services and solutions utilizing a world-class partner ecosystem that includes VMware, NetApp, Microsoft, Nutanix, Veritas, SUSE, SAP and more. Leveraging solutions such as our hybrid-cloud enabled PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems, we empower you to:

  • Seamlessly extend the advantage of cloud to your on-premises infrastructure
  • Optimize, integrate, modernize and protect your hybrid cloud environment
  • Streamline the life cycle management of your hybrid infrastructure across deployment, operation and maintenance
  • Save on your total cost of ownership with pay per use uSCALE

Together, we can develop a tailored hybrid cloud solution that can take your business to the next level, fostering its growth and success. Join one of our CX labs to discuss your needs with Fujitsu experts and discover how we can help you to overcome your business challenges.

Discover more about how working with Fujitsu can help you to create the perfect solution to develop the right hybrid cloud strategy, mitigate risk, optimize your cloud environment and protect your data.

Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection

Data protection to/in the Cloud
Business continuity and data recovery
Data assessment

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Workload migration
Connect and burst to the Cloud
Datacenter extension
Unified management
Cloud assessment

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

Workload placement
Multi-cloud services
Monitoring and observability
Cloud assessment

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Microservices and Containers
Kubernetes management
DevOps and agile development
Application discovery

Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security

Risk management
Governance processes
Intelligent security and digital trust
Security audit


Looking for hybrid cloud with the right financial flexibility? Then with Fujitsu uSCALE, we have something for you!

Fujitsu uSCALE is a cloud-like, flexible, scalable and cost-effective business model for on-premises infrastructures capable of serving the growing demands of your business departments – promptly, whilst enabling you to keep control.

Designed to provide economic elasticity while supporting a much more efficient way to manage organizational growth and enable faster response to market needs, Fujitsu uSCALE gives you the ability to scale your infrastructures up or down, at a rate that best suits your business needs.

Available as a consumption-based IT offering, it enables clear and transparent future planning by aligning service usage with costs. With this flexibility, you can introduce new services and solutions at speed with on-demand scalability.

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