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IoT and Smart Grid Technology

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Wireless/Sensor Functions for IoT Devices

Wireless modules and beacons are used in various IoT devices. 
Communication distances and functions by product specifications:
For short distance communication: Bluetooth wireless technology. 
For middle to long distance communication: Mesh Network products.

IoT Wireless communicationIoT Wireless communication

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Solar Power Systems / Energy Systems

Relays are used for power control in solar power systems such as photovoltaic (PV) power generation systems, energy-efficient systems such as DC power distribution systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, and smart meters. 
Relays are selected mainly for the capacity (current/voltage) that the systems require.

Example of relays used for energy-saving systems at homesExample of relays used for energy-saving systems at homes

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Smart Home

Wireless modules are used for communication between networks and smart appliances, smart meters.
Relays are used in each device/equipment or power controls.

Smart home imageSmart home image

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eCall System

The eCall system is designed to improve emergency response times following a traffic accident. The Emergency Call Unit (ECU) automatically transmits accident information to emergency response services, such as the vehicle’s location and allows emergency responders to speak with passengers. This greatly reduces the initial response time. 
Signal relays (FTR-B3 or FTR-B4 series) are used inside of the ECU.

eCall system imageeCall system image

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DC Power Supply in Data Centers

Repeated AC/DC and DC/AC conversions through AC distribution systems cause a 20% to 30% energy loss.
DC power distribution reduces such conversion loss and therefore, increases energy efficiency.

Comparison of energy conversion loss, AC and DCComparison of energy conversion loss, AC (above) and DC (below)

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