Fujitsu Pioneers TransLambda™ Technology, an Innovative Solution for Maximum Fiber Capacity with Minimum Investment

New TransLambda Test Kit now available for lab trials

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

Richardson, TX, March 09, 2020

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. today unveiled TransLambda™ technology, a groundbreaking approach to multiplying capacity in today’s fiber networks with minimal operational overhead and negligible capital investment. Fujitsu is introducing the TransLambda Test Kit to enable network service providers and data center operators to conduct proof of concept lab trials.

The rise of 5G, combined with exponential growth in data center traffic, continues to drive demands for fiber capacity. As the optical industry struggles to respond, the need to scale at a sustainable cost per bit means squeezing ever more data per wavelength. However, having already achieved the highest spectral efficiency of currently available C band transponders with 600G technology, the industry needs affordable, realistic solutions that can be deployed today.

To meet this need, Fujitsu has developed TransLambda technology, an ultra high capacity, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) multiband transmission system (MTS) that substantially expands the transmission capacity of optical fiber networks without deploying new L and S band dedicated transceivers. By packing multiple transmission bands into a single fiber using all optical wavelength conversion (AOWC), TransLambda enables up to three times the capacity to be delivered quickly and cost effectively, offering reduced cost and simplified operation of data center interconnect (DCI) and long haul transport networks. This is particularly crucial for those applications where C band transmission is the only available option for the foreseeable future, such as optical links that use direct attach or transponder attach ZR/ZR+ pluggable coherent optics.

TransLambda fiber capacity multiplier technology offers ultra high capacity — up to 76.8Tb/s of data using 192 channels at 400G speeds per 75GHz channel — in a plug and play blade using C-band transponders. By meeting the need for increased capacity without additional types of equipment, this approach offers overall simpler network management with minimal capital expenditures and operational overhead, while protecting existing fiber investments. Moreover, capacity can be increased without architectural changes and independent of rates and modulation schemes. Therefore, operators can prolong use of existing transponders until all C-, L- and S- bands are fully utilized, and continue to use them as they upgrade to the next generation, offering a smooth path to the future and improved return on investment.

The Fujitsu TransLambda Test Kit, which is currently being used in customer lab trials, is offered in a single blade configuration that can be used with any legacy WDM network architecture including multi-vendor systems.

“TransLambda technology is just the latest in a line of innovations from Fujitsu to achieve the highest network speed and capacity as cost-efficiently as possible, helping our customers gain true competitive advantage in today’s demanding marketplace,” said Paul Havala, vice president of global planning at Fujitsu Network Communications. “Our TransLambda fiber multiplier approach is a much more cost-efficient way to achieve significant capacity increases without installing L-band equipment, addressing cost and operational overhead while seamlessly integrating into existing network architecture to fully leverage deployed fiber assets.”

The real-world implications of this innovative new technology will be discussed during OFC 2020 in an invited presentation entitled “TransLambda: A Multi-Band Transmission System and its Realization, Practical Applications and Use Cases in Optical” by Muhammad Sarwar, Distinguished Global Solution Planner for Fujitsu, during the Networks, Applications, and Access N3 track session on March 9 at 12:00 pm.

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Date: March 09, 2020
City: Richardson, TX
Company: Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

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