Transtron America

Background Info

At Transtron America, Inc. our focus is on creating valuable innovations through the combination of transportation and electronics technologies. Transtron America, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality ECUs, automotive microphones and sensors to optimize infotainment and vehicle control applications in the North American marketplace. We design with special emphasis on environmental performance, cost efficiency, safety and comfort. 

At Transtron, we dedicate ourselves to the development of practical solutions in response to social requirements. These include protecting the environment through the prevention of global warming with products that promote cleaner exhaust emissions, ultra-clean diesel engines, and optimize fleet operations to reduce fuel consumption.  Our other solutions promote a safer world through the application of control units, sensors and microphones to optimize vehicle control and enable navigation and hands-free telephone applications. 

Transtron America, Inc. was established in 2014 in Dublin, Ohio, USA. Our company is 51% owned by Fujitsu Limited and 49% owned by Isuzu Motors. We deliver electronic components and systems for vehicle applications that are setting the pace for 21st century road transportation.

Core Products

Automotive Control Units
  • Electronic Control Units
    Engine ECUs, Brake ECUs, Transmission ECUs, Suspension ECUs
  • Digital Microphones
  • Position Sensors
    Height Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, Gear Selection Sensors

Transtron America, Inc.

Tel: +1-614-793-8263  


6500 Emerald Parkway, Suite 375,
Dublin, Ohio