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Side-Channel Analysis Method (Spectre & Meltdown) Security Vulnerabilities (INTEL-SA-00088)
Malicious code utilizing a new method of side-channel analysis and running locally on a normally operating platform has the potential to allow the inference of data values from memory. This issue takes advantage... [read more]

Intel Firmware Vulnerability (INTEL-SA-00086)
Intel has identified several security vulnerabilities that could potentially place impacted platforms at risk ...[read more]

Infineon TPM Vulnerability
A vulnerability in Infineon TPM hardware has been discovered recently with outdated TPM firmware using an algorithm that generates weaker RSA keys ...[read more]

富士通得知由Panasonic 公司製造且用於富士通筆記型電腦作為原廠零件或備品更換使用的部分電池組,在罕見的情況下有可能著火而產生火災,富士通已於2015年8月27日起主動召回及更換可能受影響的電池… [詳情]