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Manufacturers change the world

Industrial revolutions are characterized by how we manufacture the goods that people need and want. Together with the generation and supply of energy, production line technology is the engine of economic growth and change. That was true of the first Industrial Revolution and it’s true of the latest: what most commentators call ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution – or Industry 4.0.

At Fujitsu we are at the forefront of that historic change. Not just because we are experts in the digital technologies that are transforming manufacturing, but because we are an active, global manufacturer.

Practice not theory

We know what your challenges are because they are our challenges too. We know what it takes to compete in a dynamic sector, and how we can apply new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine-learning, and all forms of automation and robotics, to the cutting edge of manufacturing. We can make a difference to where it counts the most: on the production line, day in, day out.

Your challenges are our challenges too

As we seek to master new technologies and production techniques, we can use that experience to help you do the same. We are constantly looking to leverage emerging technologies across the production cycle, and are leading the movement from mass-manufacturing to tailored production.

We are working to ‘servitize’ manufacturing so that our customers get what they want in an agile and cost-effective way. To do that we are delivering digital transformation within our own facilities as well as those of our customers, enabling them to keep ahead of the curve. 

The key themes of our approach are:

  • Ensuring automation complements the skills of the workforce ensuring humans and machines can work together, side-by-side, and hand-in-hand, and will be empowered by digital transformation to be more productive and focus on high value tasks
  • As production lines become more automated and Industrial IoT becomes more prevalent, we are working to ensure security at every stage of the production process to protect both IP and output
  • We are seeking to protect networks without hindering their operations within the factory and across the supply chain
  • We are working to make supply chains more transparent and frictionless so that lean manufacturing can be leaner, and customers can be assured of their products and services
  • Leveraging the power of the cloud is vital, and we work with you to choose the right model for your objectives

Manufacturing is about culture as well as technology

The new era of manufacturing is about more than technology. It’s about the culture of your organization, and how you take your people with you as you digitally transform your business. It’s what we are doing within Fujitsu, and it’s what we can help you achieve.

Industry 4.0 goes beyond investing in machines and digital technologies, it demands new ways of working and innovative business models. Machines will be talking to other machines far more in the future, but it’s vital that people do as much talking or the project will fail.

Find out more about Industry 4.0 (371 KB)