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Free your people to collaborate and innovate wherever they are, on any device

Today, enterprise mobility is one of the greatest issues facing organizations. Employees with access to a wide range of digital technologies and services in their personal lives, now demand the same at work.

The traditional workplace is changing, and the challenge for organizations is to keep pace with the drive for increased workplace mobility, collaboration, personalization, and flexibility. In the future, work will no longer be a place people go to, but the thing people do.

As experts in deploying digital workplace, and a Gartner leader in Managed Workplace Services, we have the industry know-how to help you co-create a solution to transform your workplace and unleash your people to connect, collaborate, and innovate. With our digital solutions, we enable your people to excel in their jobs - empowering them to deliver more value, wherever they are.

Fujitsu Modern Workspace

Modern Workspace is the first step in providing a unified experience across any device. It forms an integral part of our digital workplace services and solutions, bringing together people, systems, and information in a secure, connected, and personalized environment. Delivered as a managed service, it offers a consistent, and contextual user experience that enables your workplace to be more agile, collaborative, and productive.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your workplace environment, we can help you find the right balance of performance, cost, flexibility, and security. Using data analytics, we help you to better understand your employees’ needs and working habits to deliver a better working experience for everyone.

Modern Workspace is made up of the following services:

  • Cloud Managed Workplace Services
  • Virtual Workplace Services
  • Managed Workplace Services

Cloud Managed Workplace Services - productive, secure, and modern

Fujitsu Cloud Managed Workplace provides a modern secure platform for delivering digital workplace services via the Cloud. It offers employees the agility and consumer experience they expect, enabling them to easily adopt services and devices that make them more productive. Always up-to-date and delivered as-a-service from the Cloud, it helps to cut costs by reducing operational complexity.

Our expertise in managing IT complexity, means that you can be totally confident of swiftly realizing the benefits of modern management, even if your environment is a complex mix of device types, applications, vendors, and user requirements.

With our long heritage in government and defense, Fujitsu Cloud Managed Workplace has been designed to raise the bar on IT Security. With our help, you can begin your modern management journey with a clear set of recommended baselines that are easy to adopt or can be modified to fit your world.

Virtual Workplace Services - secure access to centrally managed data and applications

Fujitsu Virtual Workplace Services help to increase security and agility. Whether you’re looking to increase mobility for complex or data-jurisdiction-sensitive use cases or increase your ability to partner with strategic suppliers or contract agencies, we give you the ability to extent your enterprise services securely beyond your boundaries.

Fujitsu Virtual Workplace Services include; Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop as a Service, Hosted Shared Desktops, and applications all delivered via public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures. Partnering with market-leading virtualization software providers, we work together to find the best virtualization model for your business needs. Ours is a multi-cloud approach to Virtual Workplace which means you can adopt as much or as little of our ‘as-a-service’ offering as you need.

Our multi-device virtual workplace environments reduce energy consumption, lower the cost of ownership, centralize control of hardware, software, and applications, and enable access to a wide range of operating systems. Flexible services adapt to the user, allowing them to access resources and information when, where, and how they want. Our flexible and innovative approach covers all steps in the virtualization journey. We offer:

  • latest operating systems that can run on existing hardware
  • mobile, contextual access for business processes
  • improved end-user productivity and experience
  • flexible service subscription model

Managed Workplace Services - meeting the needs of your workforce

Fujitsu Managed Workplace provides a next-generation desktop environment enhanced by centrally provisioned software services. Utilizing a comprehensive set of managed service capabilities, we balance the need for fast and agile digital services with the inherent stability that’s required by in-house business-critical applications and services. With our help, you can keep pace with technological change whilst addressing shifting workplace and generational requirements. 

We provide fully managed desktops, laptops, and tablets that allow your people to connect, collaborate, and innovate using the latest features and SaaS technologies. By applying critical insight gained through end-user baseline services and analytics, we enable you to better manage user expectations and experience. Our Managed Workplace Services provide a controlled, predictable, and consistent end-user experience that minimizes incidents. We offer:

  • access to SaaS-based applications and storage
  • secure cloud-based identity management
  • tailored configurations for different applications and user groups across a range of locations
  • device management provided through on-premise management tools
  • context driven analytics services

Fujitsu is recognized as a 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for Managed Workplace Services

Once again, we have been positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services, Europe.

In particular, we were recognized for our philosophy of Human Centric Innovation in the workplace - built upon an ecosystem made up of academia, start-ups, strategic partners, and niche vendors. We work closely with you and apply shared insights from these leading groups to co-create a digital workplace solution that ensures your people receive a simple, intuitive, consistent, consumer-like experience.


Fujitsu is named a market leader in ISG Provider Lens Digital Workplace Archetype Report 2019

‘’Fujitsu’s digital workplace services help enterprises reap the benefits of a connected, collaborative and innovative workplace environment supported by intelligent automation services. Fujitsu has experience in delivering high performing, cost effective, flexible and secured workplace environments for both mid-sized and large-sized enterprises.” 

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