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Fujitsu Culture Change

Workforce solutions that inspire people and protect their wellbeing

Within any organization, people are the biggest asset. And, for workforce transformation to succeed it must start with people and not technology. Digital technologies are delivering new ways of working but it’s your organization’s overall culture that will determine your success. At the heart of that culture should be your people – your employees and customers.

FUJITSU Culture Change places people at the center of your new ways of working and prioritizes their well-being. From AI supporting Microsoft 365 to workforce data insights, we have the solutions to drive your culture in the direction it needs to go.

Culture Change empowers you to create an adaptive inclusive enterprise where pace and agility are the default, where your people can react to change in a resilient way, where you can mitigate risk, and where you can create an environment capable of attracting and retaining a more diverse, digitally dexterous, and agile workforce. We help you to reimagine a brighter future.

  • Build a resilient workforce that can quickly adapt to change
  • Enhance your people’s creativity and productivity
  • Maintain the physical and mental health of your biggest asset – your people
  • Improve operational effectiveness, unlock success, and reduce risk
  • Use insight from analytics to reduce OPEX through lower absenteeism
  • Accelerate time to market using multi-disciplined teams

Culture Change Workplace Solutions


Workforce Wellbeing

Prioritize the wellbeing of your workforce with additional workplace support. Fujitsu BuddyConnect mobile app helps people manage their wellbeing at work. It creates trusted relationships, connects individuals to support information, and enables organization-wide wellbeing monitoring.

Employee Safety

The wellbeing of your people is your highest priority and with Fujitsu Employee Safety we provide a range of new generation anxiety monitoring, lone worker cameras, and social distancing and contact tracing solutions to ensure your people can perform at their very best.


Employee Experience

Automated and AI-driven solutions help you to create positive behavioral change. New agile ways of working enable faster speed-to-market and increased customer focus.

Our solutions support effective communication and offer ways to improve productivity, build resilience, and transform your workplace.

Why co-create your smart workplace with Fujitsu?

At Fujitsu, we understand that employee wellbeing is an essential aspect that must be considered when implementing any new workplace technology. However, too often this is overlooked when rolling out change. Taking a human-centric approach to workplace transformation, we help you to reimagine your employee experience.

We understand the value of digital technology in enhancing the employee experience. We work in close partnership with you to co-create the right workplace solution that will protect your peoples’ wellbeing and enable you to attract the best talent from the global skills marketplace.

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We have approximately 130,000 Fujitsu people supporting customers in over 100 countries

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We have 5 global delivery centres providing 24/7 services

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We support approximately 3.7 million users and over 8 million end-user devices globally

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We are independently recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader for Managed Workplace Services, Europe in the execution and vision of workplace transformation


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