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Fujitsu Borderless Office – Supporting a Hybrid Workforce

Free your people to work anywhere, everywhere, and anyhow

Today, people want flexible working. With Fujitsu Borderless Office you can redefine the future of your workplace so it’s no longer a place your people go, but a thing they do.

Fujitsu Borderless Office is key to leveraging the benefits of Work Life Shift. It empowers you to reimagine your workspaces, and support a hybrid workforce, where your people are freed from the constraints of physical locations to work in a secure way that suits them. It keeps your teams collaborating digitally to ensure you never miss a beat for your customers.

When work can be done anywhere, the traditional workplace loses its physical borders, and by embracing an office without borders, you can attract global talent and increase skills enabling you to bring innovative services and experiences to market faster.

Borderless Office Solutions


Modern Workspace

Fujitsu Modern Workspace combines Fujitsu expertise with the Microsoft 365 cloud platform to drive new and more effective ways of working that increase employee engagement and agility. Modern Workspace improves your workplace security and protects your brand while giving your people access to the latest productivity and collaboration tools allowing them to get work done from anywhere, any time.

  • Two service options tailored to your unique business needs
  • Ensures security and compliance
  • Increases productivity and collaboration

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Secure Remote Working and Unified Communications

Fujitsu Secure Remote Working combines Fujitsu expertise in delivering complex digital workplace solutions with industry-leading management tools and technology to deliver office-like user experiences over any network and on any device. Unified Communications includes teleconferencing, video, and web conferencing across multiple devices.

  • Access to corporate data and business-critical applications
  • Applications and desktops run independently of the device’s operating system and interface
  • Workplace security with customizable security policies
  • Only requires 512 kb/s to run

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Workplace Support

Fujitsu Workplace Support is underpinned by our extensive engineering expertise and advanced data analytics to help you mitigate disruption and build resilience into your business. With our predictive and flexible on-site support, your teams are enabled to stay productive wherever and whenever they choose to work.

  • User self-service app
  • Ticket-based service, Schedule-based service, or Ad-hoc service options
  • Connect IT Bar
  • Predictive analytics
  • Global logistics service
  • ITSM toolset integration

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Customer Experience Center

Fujitsu Customer Experience Center delivers you what you need to keep your workforce productive wherever, whenever, and however they choose to work – measured by user experience and underpinned by automation and AI.

  • Always-on support tailored to your preferences, role requirements, and business criticality
  • Reduced complexity with a consistent user interface and experience
  • Automation and prioritization in line with what really matters to you
  • Productivity gains driven by a great user experience

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Why co-create with Fujitsu?

At Fujitsu, we understand that people are an important factor in the success of any workforce transformation - the more your people feel enabled and supported, the more productive they will be. That’s why we work in close partnership with you to co-create a human-centric workplace solution that will drive collaboration, unleash creativity, and break down silos.

Workplace transformation is not something you can leave to chance - you need an expert digital technology partner with proven capabilities.

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We have approximately 130,000 Fujitsu people supporting customers in over 100 countries

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We’re world leaders in IT security with customers that include central government, the military, and major financial services organizations.

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We are independently recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader for Managed Workplace Services, Europe in the execution and vision of workplace transformation

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We support approximately 3.7 million users and over 8 million end-user devices globally

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We have 5 global delivery centres providing 24/7 services



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