Factory transformation solutions that liberate your makers to be more creative, collaborative and customer-focused

Industry 4.0 streamlines production, but it also empowers people at all levels. Machines can’t replace humans when it comes to working creatively and thinking critically. Your makers’ potential is unleashed by the mastery of their tools. And their 21st-century toolbox is digital transformation. Liberate your makers to become changemakers, who are constantly optimizing, inventing, designing and innovating.

Smart factory transformation will empower your people, whatever their level of expertise, to make better goods, faster and more cost-effectively while creating new services, customer experiences and business models.
Smart factory initiatives will triple productivity of the manufacturing workforce over the next decade.

Smart manufacturing - history in the making

Now is a critical moment for transforming the power of makers – because the manufacturing workforce is undergoing its biggest skills shift in a generation.

Older workers are retiring and taking their experience with them. And while younger employees are digitally savvy and keen to learn, they lack manufacturing knowledge.

Digital transformation connects your changing workforce, by transferring knowledge and enabling new, powerful ways to improve productivity and encourage innovation.

This co-creation between makers and machinery will lead to ‘superjobs’, which combine technical precision and automated data analysis with human ingenuity and communication.

8 reasons your makers need Fujitsu manufacturing transformation technology

  • easier knowledge sharing, with reduced training needs/costs
  • new/seasonal workers get up to speed quicker
  • enhanced agility, as employee skills can be utilized flexibly
  • workforce empowered to respond quickly to customer demands
  • inefficient line changeovers and ramp-ups eliminated
  • minimize non-compliant processes and safety incidents
  • maximize product/service quality and customer experience
  • build great employee experiences to reduce turnover and attrition

Fujitsu smart manufacturing - trust a manufacturer to transform a manufacturer!

At Fujitsu, we’re an ideal strategic partner of choice. As well as being a world-leading digital solutions provider we’re a manufacturer too. ‘Making’ is in our blood, forming our identity, our heritage, our nature, and our passions.

Manufacturing transformation is a journey best made one step at a time. Now is the time to take your first step.

Unlike many of our industry competitors, we work on building direct relationships with your makers, as it’s only by observing, questioning, listening and learning, that you can hope to fill your skills gaps and liberate human intelligence through AI.

We also support your team with internal innovation tools around health, wellness, collaboration and mobility, building employee experiences that increase peoples’ happiness and loyalty.

Work with us to co-create a roadmap to smarter and more intelligent manufacturing. We help you to make transformative digital technologies central to your 21st-century makers’ toolbox. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

Thank you.

Customer story

The challenge

Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’ largest manufacturer of automotive tires and rubber products. They wanted to use the automation system and AI technologies to improve efficiencies of routine operations or standard work processes. These processes require staff to repeatedly do tasks.

The solution

The company decided to use RPA technology and were able to:

  • save 90% of the operation time, from 4 hours to 2 minutes
  • to save 85% of paper (from 700 pages to 100 pages)
  • to reduce 50% of the manual processes
  • to reduce mistakes in filling data and document preparation
  • to improve customer satisfaction with faster service
  • to create new business opportunities.