Fujitsu connected manufacturing – become part of a smart networked global community

No manufacturer is an island

Through smart, networked communities, your makers can create sustainable services and experiences, benefiting wider society.

Before 2020, radical transformation was a long-term goal for most manufacturers. Not anymore.

The disruption of COVID-19 created a unique opportunity to perform a ‘factory restart’, building a new, sustainable world of products, services and experiences, powered by people.

By transforming makers into changemakers through digital manufacturing technology, your business can become part of an ultra-smart networked global community. We call this Society 5.0.

Society 5.0 is the ultimate example of where the future of manufacturing is heading; a world in which human innovation and technical precision unite to enable dramatic, systematic transformation.

From the shop floor to international consortia, achieving the maximum business benefit from Industry 4.0 requires openness at all levels.
Now, more so than ever before, manufacturers need partnerships across extended ecosystems to help them operate, innovate and withstand the effects of unexpected disruption.

Fujitsu smart manufacturing - a strategic partner for co-creation

Manufacturers have always been good at the bigger picture – now this picture must include society. Even with talented changemakers at the heart of your business, it is difficult to respond to market forces on your own. For strength in numbers, you need strategic partnerships.

Smart factory transformation is the first step towards co-creative manufacturing. Give your makers the connected manufacturing technologies they need to collaborate with partners and develop new service-based opportunities.

In Industry 4.0, leading manufacturers have the resources to build a broad partner ecosystem and change the landscape together.

This best-in-class, collaborative approach will remodel your business, creating new opportunities around the provision of services and customer experiences – with tangible bottom-line benefits.

Smart factory transformation – the benefits to Society 5.0

A co-creative ecosystem will not only empower your changemakers; it will transform manufacturing as a whole, delivering smarter, more sustainable approaches that benefit the world we live in.

Society 5.0 is our vision for an ultra-smart networked global community, where the power of people, technology and partnerships combine, directly contributing to social, environmental and cultural change.

In this society, manufacturers will be at the forefront of transformation, driving initiatives like the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Embracing society 5.0 will enhance your global reputation, driving new business opportunities. It will empower you to attract ethically conscious, caring, compassionate changemakers, who share your customers’ values and have the potential – and resources – to change the world.

By 2022, cross-industry collaboration may generate a 10% increase in revenue
Reimagining customer experience

Using manufacturing technology to reimagine the customer experience

It’s more important than ever before to develop the right customer experience ecosystem. At Fujitsu, we understand this more than anyone, because our success is built on strategic partnerships.

We have a long history of bringing people and organizations together, so they can work collaboratively. It’s the only way of achieving a single source of truth at all levels of your business and your operations.

Our partnerships with leading technology providers including SAP, Microsoft and ServiceNow as well as our IP solutions enable Fujitsu to build personalized smart factory transformation programs.

As your journey progresses, we’ll implement new initiatives to continuously, sustainably strengthen your business, keeping changemaking and innovation at the heart of your manufacturing ecosystem.

Connecting, enabling and empowering: Here’s a small cross-section of Fujitsu’s manufacturing partnership ecosystem


Fujitsu manufacturing transformation services - trust a manufacturer to transform a manufacturer

Fujitsu is your ideal partner and manufacturing solutions provider, as we’re manufacturers too. ‘Making’ is our passion, forming our identity, our nature and our heritage.

As world-leaders in digital transformation, we believe that it’s a journey best made one step at a time. Now is the time to take your first step.

Unlike many of our competitors, we build direct relationships with your makers. We believe that by observing them, questioning them and listening to their answers we can help you to learn what solutions you need to inspire innovation and solve your ‘makers’ challenges.

Work with us to co-create a roadmap to smarter manufacturing. We can help you on the path to digital and show you how to use transformation technologies as part of your 21st century makers’ toolbox. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

Thank you.

The swift rise and surprising importance of digital ecosystems

Forget what you’ve been told; industry boundaries are not stable, vertical integration doesn’t necessarily create efficiencies over market trading and asset ownership doesn’t always create sustainable barriers to entry.

It’s time to challenge these assumptions and show how Industry 4.0 can:

  • Drive manufacturers’ operational excellence
  • Connect end-to-end supply chains
  • Make factories smart, smarter, smartest.

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