Data Governance Maturity Assessment (Online)

Data Governance Maturity Assessment (Online)

Prioritised and targeted recommendations for improvement of data management

The Data Governance Maturity Assessment service involves Data Governance online surveys (generated based on our 30+ years of experience in data, analytics and governance) being emailed to key staff to feedback on how effectively they think your organisation is managing its data.

Data Governance experts from Fujitsu Data & AI then review the results and provide targeted improvement recommendations in a half-day workshop where your summary results will be provided, compared against Australian benchmark data, and next step recommendations discussed.

Why measure how effective your Data Governance is?

Effective Data Governance is critical to successful modern organisations. There are a range of different drivers moving organisations towards Data Governance, including:

» Digital Transformation, which requires accurate and integrated data to be effective

» Transitioning to being a data-driven, or data-centric, organisation, and being data-driven has been demonstrated in a range of studies to be a proven method of delivering at levels higher than your competitors (or more efficiently than others if you’re in a non-competitive world).

» Managing regulatory compliance requirements (such as BCBS239) that require highly effective Data Governance practices for confirmation of risk assessment and risk reporting processes.

» Ensuring data privacy, data security and data accuracy from legislation (such as GDPR, CCPA or Australia’s NPP) and meeting social expectations for ethical data use. Knowing your current level of Data Governance is critical to setting improvement plans so that your data governance level supports your business strategy and organisational culture. 

How does the Data Governance Maturity Assessment (online) work?

The Data Governance Maturity Assessment (online) works by using an online survey solution, which is then assessed by our Fujitsu Data & AI consultants to provide an independent assessment of the current state of your Data Governance, identify where you should be and then provide a roadmap of prioritised, budgeted projects to help you close the gaps between today and tomorrow, and your competitors.

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How much does the Data Governance Maturity Assessment (online) cost?

There are three pricing levels:

1. The first survey is either AUD $10,000 or NZD $10,000 depending on which country your headquarters are located in

2. Ad hoc repeated surveys are $7,500 per time after the first survey

3. If you are planning a regular recurring cycle of surveys, talk to a Fujitsu Data and AI specialist about customised pricing

A Data Governance Maturity Assessment (online) approach is more effective, more cost-efficient, has a faster turn-around time and less impact on your organisation whilst still giving you specialist consultancy input and advice.


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What will I receive at the end of the Data Governance Maturity Assessment (online)?

Concluding the assessment process, a Fujitsu Data & AI Data Governance Specialist will present the Data Governance Maturity Assessment results and Roadmap report, consisting of:

A Data Governance Maturity Assessment of your current state, compared with our Australian benchmark

A Data Governance Maturity Assessment of your desired future state of data governance maturity

A Gap Analysis report, showing the gaps between current and future state, and identifying projects that could be undertaken to close these gaps

A proposed Roadmap, prioritising the Gap Projects by cost, risk, and value, into a sequenced high level implementation plan


Example Gap Analysis overview:

Example Gap Analysis overview

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