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Avoid IT Errors

IT downtimes caused by faults can best be kept to a minimum by trying to avoid such faults and IT bottlenecks in a proactive manner.

FUJITSU Software BS2000 AVAS

Implement the automation of planning, preparation, release, control and monitoring of production sequences in BS2000.

FUJITSU Software BS2000 JV

Forms the basis for event-driven job scheduling and makes it easy to define dependencies of complex production processes.


Supplies extensive monitoring data to improve performance for the server systems BS2000, Linux, Windows-based systems and the storage systems ETERNUS DX, VMAX and additional all systems which aids the SNMP standard.

BS2000 Operating System

Fulfills all essential characteristics of a mainframe system, such as scalability, availability, security and administration comfort.

FUJITSU Software BS2000 SDF-P

Expand the BS2000 command language to a programming language in which structured programming is possible similar to high-level programming languages.