The view from the front line

Cyber Security Operations Center

Fujitsu Cyber Security Operations Center

Fujitsu’s SOC teams are constantly monitoring the threat landscape and security challenges.

The security landscape is constantly changing but one thing remains constant: protecting data from cyber attacks is now a Board-level issue. But it is not just external or malicious threats that have to be considered. There are also internal security risks from lost or stolen data. And all of this is the wider context of new European regulations. The introduction of GDPR, for example, set the standard for data protection, governance and compliance.

Fujitsu’s Security Operations Center (SOC) teams are on the frontline. They are monitoring the latest threats, responding to new security standards, and coming up with the best ways to deal with the issues. 


Fujitsu Advanced Threat Centers

Fujitsu’s Advanced Threat services are delivered from our Global Advanced Threat Center. Our highly-qualified and experienced experts utilize enhanced threat intelligence capabilities, threat research insight and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (or SOAR) tools. Fujitsu offers a unique combination of advanced threat analytics, based on cutting-edge primary research, and market-leading security automation.

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