Server Infrastructure Security Precautions

Your solid base of integrated and innovative security features throughout the lifecycle

Digitization is opening a myriad of possibilities for businesses to create and capture value but it also creates many possibilities for those who wish to steal from them, from their customers and partners, or to disrupt the services they provide. Security needs to be thought through end to end and the technological core is the platform on which all your data is being processed and stored. Security is not an afterthought, it is an integral part of a system designed to deliver speed and safety in equal measure. Security is something that is systematically considered when designing and delivering products, solutions and services.

And that's exactly what we do. We offer products with excellent security capabilities. This starts with the first power on of your system. The PRIMERGY UEFI Bios restricts boot options for your server systems and secures the boot process. Secure Boot ensures the code integrity during the boot process of the server. Fujitsu provides highly secured system software updates for all components such as drivers, firmware and BIOS. Updates for these components run through a well-defined process to ensure quality and security. Authorization and Authentication could be comfortably handled with iRMC and eLCM (embedded Life Cycle Management). As an autonomous system on the system board of the server, the iRMC has its own protected subsystem, separated from the “productive server” with operating system, web server, user management and independent alert management. Hardware level security is provided by physically lockable bezels (for tower systems) and intrusion control mechanisms. And these are just a few of the integrated security features of the PRIMERGY server.

Take your business into the digital fast lane – while making sure that security is embedded throughout your business. With a broad portfolio and more than 40 years of security experience, Fujitsu gives you the power and the confidence to excel. Build securely on FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems.