A service that provides functions for generating, storing and distributing “Cryptographic Keys” required for automotive cybersecurity measures

Current situation and market background

  • As automobiles become increasingly software-rich and connected, the threat of cyber attacks increases year by year. With the enforcement of UN-R 155 and UN-R 156, the United Nations standards for cybersecurity measures for automobiles, it is imperative that automakers and suppliers implement cyber security measures.
  • Cryptographic keys are mandatory to implement various security measures to prevent cyber attacks such as unauthorized access and tampering with vehicles/parts.

LockingSeed (Key Management Service)

Cryptographic Key Management in the Automotive Industry

As automobiles become more electronic, it is necessary to prevent electronic control units (ECUs) that control basic functions such as running, turning, and stopping from cyber attacks. Cryptographic keys are used to prevent tampering and spoofing of communication between ECUs and to encrypt the installed software and add digital signature into the software. Key management is a system for generating, storing and distributing these cryptographic keys securely.

Service Overview

This service provides functions to generate, store and distribute “Cryptographic Keys” required for automotive cybersecurity measures. As a cloud-based service, we provide “Cryptographic Keys” management tailored to the long-term life cycle of automobile. It can be used safely with highly reliable service that places top priority on security such as vehicle availability and vulnerability countermeasures.

  1. Key Generation/Key Storage

    Not only the generated Cryptographic Keys but also various keys distributed from the multiple suppliers such as automobile manufacturers can be securely managed.

  2. Connection Tool Authentication

    Add the digital signature to generate Cryptographic Key and to identify whether the diagnostic/analysis equipment (Connection Tool) can be connected to the ECU.

  3. Software encryption and digital signature

    Provide functionalities to generate Cryptographic Key, encrypt the software and add digital signature.

Features of LockingSeed

Low cost and quick implementation

  • SaaS type service requires no capital investment and reduce the initial deployment time to 1/3.
  • Since there is no need to maintain own operation support team, the effort on that can be significantly reduced, and the cost can be reduced to 1/2 compared with in-house development.

Operations by experts and reliable service infrastructure

  • The service is operated by Fujitsu experts who are familiar with vehicle security technology.
  • Central management of Cryptographic Keys on a reliable infrastructure enables to minimize security risks and to store customer’s keys securely.

Support international standards and the latest security technologies

  • The service meets international NIST security guidelines.
  • It supports encryption algorithms with a strength of 128 or higher, which is recommended for use even after 2030, and can be used safely for a long period of time, following the vehicle life cycle.
  • The functions of future new encryption algorithms are updated accordingly.

Supports security measures by multiple business partners

  • A variety of standard encryption algorithms enables to deal with requests from multiple business partners.
  • Cryptographic Keys corresponding to requests are separated and managed securely in a secure zone for each business partners.